How to create an easy to clean bathroom.

We asked our designers for some quick ideas of how the make a bathroom easier to clean. Nobody likes having to clean their bathroom so take a quick look at this hand video on how to make your bathroom faster to clean.

Designer Radiators

Not only do we sell designer bathrooms and tiles we also stock and display a wide range of designer radiators for the rest of the rooms in your home. Whether you’re look for a classic cast iron style radiator, luxury slim line radiator to fit in small space or a bespoke column radiator to fit round difficult spaces take a view at the collection of designer radiators we have available.

Geberit Aquaclean Mera

The Geberit Aquaclean Mera is the latest in shower toilet technology. Water is the most hygienic way to clean but we continue to use paper to clean one the most delicate parts of our body. Well why not change that and leave yourself feeling fresh everyday and treat yourself to a Geberit Aquaclean toilet available to view at our Leeds showroom read our blog post about why we think the bidet should make a comeback.

How to stop a shower screen

One of the most common causes of a shower screen leaking is incorrect silicone. This how to video will show you the correct areas to silicone when installing a shower screen. This video applies to all shower screens whether it’s a pivot door, hinged door, quadrant enclosure, wet room screen or a sliding door. The main thing you need to keep in mind is you want to make the area watertight and stop the water getting through anywhere so if you think logically it’s easy.

How to Paint a Freestanding Acrylic Bath

Are you looking to customise your freestanding acrylic bath / bathtub or to paint an acrylic bath / bathtub. Our step by step guide to painting an acrylic bath will help. Painting a freestanding acrylic bath is a great way to customise your bathroom and to match existing colours. Whether it’s a roll top, slipper or standard bath any can be painted any colour to create a real centre piece for your bathroom.

How to silicone / caulk a bathroom without using masking tape

Having trouble mastering the art of silicone or caulking. Our easy method will make you wonder why you had so much trouble. Our guide will help you silicone your bathroom, bath, sinks, showers, basins and kitchens.

How to remove scratches from wash basins

When you have scratches in your bathroom pottery such as your basin or toilet the following two methods will help you to remove the scratches. The following methods aren’t always guaranteed to work if the scratch is too deep or it is a poor quality bathroom suite, but they are always worth giving a try before going to the expense of replacing the items

How to drill a hard tile such as porcelain marble

Having trouble drilling tiles such as hard ceramic, porcelain marble. This guide to diamond drilling a tile will help make the job a lot easier. Drill tiles easily. This video is a step by step guide of how to drill a hole in porcelain, marble, hard ceramic or any other difficult to drill tile. Following this guide will help your expensive diamond drill bits to last as long as possible.

How to install a leak free wetroom

Wet rooms will last for years to come problem free providing they are installed correctly. Watch our video of how to install a leak free wet room using our recommended wet room system Aqua4ma.