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How To Accessorise Your Bathroom   You may be in the process of designing your dream bathroom, or you may already be enjoying a lovely warm shower in your stunning new bathroom. Either way, there is so much to think about along the way such as what tiles you’ll have, whether you will have a
How does and electric shower work

How does an Electric shower work? Electric showers require an electrical connection and a cold-water supply. The cold water will pass through the shower unit and be heated by a heating element. The heating element will become warmer when powered by the electricity and when the cold water passes it will pick up the heat

Should the bidet make a comeback

Is it about time bidets make a comeback? If I told you I was going to wash my car with dry paper you’d think I’d gone crazy. So why is it that we use paper on one of the most delicate parts of our body?. The use of paper to clean ourselves dates back as