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Modern his & hers Bathroom with double wall hung basin and matt black accessories
Creating the Perfect His & Her Bathroom   A bathroom can be quite challenging designing on your own, but you still have an exact idea of your dream bathroom. So, designing one together with a partner can be even more complicated as each person knows what they want and likes their own space. His &
Clever Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage Solutions One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is considering the storage requirements for your new bathroom. It’s important to think about where you’re going to hide away all those toiletries or any other items that or handy to have close in your bathroom. Vanity Units Many modern bathrooms feature modular

As human beings, it is only natural that we constantly strive for the next best thing. From smartphones to heating controls and now even self-cleaning ovens and dog camera’s, the desire to make our lives easier through modern gadgets will only get stronger as technology advances. As one of the most used rooms in the

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, our adept team of designers are always mindful of the importance of well-thought-out bathroom lighting. Playing a key part in the interior design scheme of any room, successful bathroom lighting is all about mixing layers perfectly. Also able to take a room from drab to fab in an instant, don’t be

If you’re looking for a contemporary bathroom you don’t need masses of space or a huge budget to create the wow factor. Here are some tips on creating a contemporary bathroom. Create a focal point Create a focal point for the room with a free-standing bath. If you don’t have the space use a picture