Zehnder group have been providing heating solutions for 91+ years, beginning their entrepreneurial journey as a small family business producing steel. The many years of experience that Zehnder group holds are just one of the factors that justifies investing in them. The heating possibilities through Zehnder are near endless. Whether you are wanting to make a statement in any room of the house, or you are looking for high quality ventilation systems, Zehnder have options to suit. Part of the Zehnder Group is Bisque, who specialize in designer radiators in all ranges of style, finish and for any environment. Bisque pride themselves in delivering the best quality heating solutions without compromising sustainability and performance. Not only are the products manufactured and made to an exceptional design standard, but also practically made to function effectively. In this post we are going to go through several of Zehnder & Bisque Ranges to explain the benefit and quality of each.




Designed by Bisque, Archibald is most certainly a bold choice and a statement piece within any room. The smooth curves used to create this design is truly breath taking. The design resembles a combination of multiple hangers and is fully functional in its form. The style of this radiator is like no other. It’s the perfect choice for someone wanting to create a main point of feature within their bathroom. Through the selection of coloured finishes that are available and there being an electric option, the choice to match your unique style is vast.



Imagine having a one-of-a-kind masterpiece within your brand-new bathroom, Living room or even in the kitchen. The Arteplano is sure to ignite character and add some flair to any chosen space. There are many colours and special finishes to choose from. The Arteplano is available in a range of sizes and through an additional feature, a rail can be added to hold bath, hand or kitchen towels. This powerful radiator provides an ample amount of heat but really shines through outstanding design. Some of the finishes available are the etched copper finish, etched brass finish, brushed black finish and many more. The Arteplano has so many variations in terms of finish and if you are looking something more than just a radiator, then the Arteplano is the perfect option and will add a unique statement to your home.





Klaro is a classic by Zehnder, designed for more practical use, but keeping the element of style. Klaro is available in a plethora of sizes to suit each room of the house. Like the majority of the Zehnder radiators, Klaro comes in over 80 assorted colour options, combined with the quality of Zehnder manufacturing, there is no downside to this range.






The Charleston is designed in a very traditional style. It can be placed in any area whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or commercial space like an office building. The Charleston is completely customizable and offers options in horizontal, vertical and fully electric. With made to measure options you can fit space requirements to the millimetre. Charleston is another range from Zehnder where colour options are no issue. Choose from 80 assorted colour finishes to complete your unique look and with towel rail attachments available to the vertical option, you don’t have to compromise on the practical side.



Roda Spa Asymmetrical

The Roda Spa is an asymmetric heated towel radiator that combines design and function perfectly. It’s bold and striking appearance, paired with the range of finishes available make this towel radiator a serious contender for any modern bathroom. The slender form of the radiator body with the open-ended rail feature sets this product apart from any other. One of the benefits of the large flat surface area of the Roda Spa Asymmetric model is that it supplies more heat than your standard heated towel radiator. This model is available in various sizes and an Electric option.