Why choose Vado Taps?

When advising customers on which brand taps, showers & accessories to choose. My answer is the same everytime Vado. Why pure and simple because of the guarantee it’s 12 years guarantee for all chrome products, 6 years for Digital showers and all other products 3 years. For further information visit Vado.

You’ve seen taps at your local hardware store or on the internet that have a 10 year guarantee so whats the big deal?

Well the majority of these guarantees when you read the small print only cover the metal and doesn’t cover the cartridge which is the most likely part to go wrong so in my opinion a pretty useless guarantee. Not with Vado Taps their guarantee covers everything as per their website: –

VADO will, at its option, repair or replace free of charge any product (or replacement part) found to be defective.

This essentially means that if anything goes wrong be it the hose, head, cartridge and providing it has been installed and cared for as per the Vado Taps terms and conditions it will be replaced or repaired under the guarantee. I haven’t found another Taps and Shower manufacturer that offers this.

Vado offer a wide variety of products that are all passed through strict quality control all with the relevant approvals and ┬áhave a wide variety of designs. They offer a wide variety of products such as: –

  • Bathroom taps
  • Showers
  • Accessories
  • Wastes & fittings
  • Kitchen taps
  • Pumps & macerators
  • Water saving products
  • Spares

Vado Taps, Showers and Accessories have also been used in some of the most prestigious developments around the world and most recently the Shard in London UK.



If your looking for quality taps, showers and accessories choose Vado. Feel free to browse the wide range of Vado products on our website.


Feel free to visit our showroom in Leeds where we display a wide variety of Vado products or call for further information.

Doug Cleghorn