When it comes to bathroom design, utilising storage can be one of the most important factors. The outcome being trying to reduce the feeling of clutter as much as possible. There are endless innovative and neat storage solutions to accommodate and ensure you can have minimal and organised bathroom. A couple of things to acknowledge is how much space you have to work with. Once this is determined you can begin to investigate the storage options that would suit your space best. It is also worthwhile being aware of how much you anticipate to store away in your bathroom. This will give you a better idea of how much storage you may require. The general idea associated with creating storage is the concern it may look clunky and over the top. Storage can also be created in discreet and practical ways and can eliminate that factor.

Fitted Furniture


Fitted furniture is one of the best solutions for storage. There is so much versatility and scope for customisation. Generally, when people think of fitted furniture, they have the mindset or impression that it is a very traditional and outdated storage solution, however that is not the case. There are many modern and traditional fitted furniture fixtures to choose from with the options to increase or decrease the depth of the unit and add a range of storage units in different sizes to build up the space. Fitted furniture has advanced and can be cut to accommodate the shape of the space that is being used. How the fitted furniture is laid out can be customised to suit. Whether the user is looking for corner storage units or for a row of units or separating the toilet from the vanity, there are endless options that can change up the space and ensure the fitted units are utilised correctly in bathroom. Coloured and textured finishes for doors and carcasses are vast and the beauty of having so many different choices are that there is something to suit everyone. Perfect for hiding away all your bathroom and beauty products and to ensure that the design takes centre stage.

Recesses & Alcoves

Recesses provide aesthetically preferable storage solutions as apposed to baskets, allowing you to create more of a feature. Recess positions can vary depending on the bathroom space and the layout of the room. For example, they can be placed surrounding the bath area, within your shower on the adjacent wall or even above the built-out stud for toilet and basin. These storage solutions and features within the bathroom add some depth which opens up the space, making a bathroom feel bigger. Lighting can be added to illuminate the internal shelf and further add to the beauty. The bespoke element of a recessed shelf can be used to build and fit unique spaces to store necessities like shower gels & shampoo, towels or candles.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are the perfect option for storage in un used spaces inside the bathroom. These storage solutions are available in all manor of shapes and sizes and is a great multifunctional choice. Mirrored cabinets can feature bluetooth connection, illumination inside and on the surface, shaving points and magnifying mirrors. Most importantly, additional storage compartments within the unit can hold toothbrushes, beauty products and smaller items that may get lost in larger storage spaces. There is nothing better than keeping a minimal look in the bathroom whilst also having the solutions dedicated to each area of the bathroom. The one thing that can draw in attention when looking for bathroom inspiration is minimalism and clutter free aesthetics, which storage solutions can supply.

Modular Furniture

Modular furniture may be the most common solution to bathroom design today. With options from floor standing units to wall hung basin units tall units that can supply additional storage space throughout the bathroom. Modular furniture can be a nice addition to those who are looking for something that is a stand-alone unit, giving the illusion of more space around the bathroom. You can build up modular furniture if you have the space, opening more ways to house bathroom products. This can give off a modern façade and can also help to frame larger walls. It can be present a feeling of  a spacious environment and unravel a cleaner, sleeker finish. Modular furniture can be designed with the options of two drawers, doors or slimline options, which is handy for those who prefer a more sleek look, but still keeping some storage options.