Building on the ancient Anatolian tradition of ceramic art, Vitra combines superior quality with innovative beauty to produces a premier brand of bathroom products. The highest care is taken with Vitra products to manufacture them at the greatest industrial standards. The products are designed to be robust and long lasting for the satisfaction of the customer.

Vitra S20 Range

The geometric modules designed by Vitra for the s20 range offer a presence that won’t impinge on the room’s overall design, Simplicity is the `in thing’ for contemporary bathrooms.The washbasins, cabinets and mirrors work in perfect coordination with the hygienic WC pans which benefit from water saving features affording aesthetics value.

Basins: The S20 Basins range offers the maximum flexibility with style, their basins are available in a selection of designs and sizes from semi and full pedestals to counter top basins coupled with the option of one or two tap holes.

The full pedestal alone show the variety offered in the s20 range with five different sizes to choose from as is the semi pedestal which is increasingly popular when attempting to create the illusion of extra space in a smaller bathroom. The semi counter basin is a very stylish design which suits the more contemporary bathroom. In this range the petite semi counter basin really takes up the minimal amount of space and would be the perfect addition to your cloakroom. The s20 range also offers basins ideally suited for the larger bathroom, the double door vanity unit with basin is a perfect example this available in styles to suit both the contemporary and traditional bathrooms alike.

Toilets: The S20 Toilets range has a variety to choose from which allows for a toilet to perfectly collaborate with the size of your bathroom. To best suit the larger bathrooms the range has two styles of close coupled toilets but for the minimalist look the choice of back to wall toilets would be ideal. If modern style and space enhancement is what you’re looking for then the wall hung designs are a must, with the addition of a short projection version to the range you are really able to create the illusion of space whilst still keeping being stylish. As with most ranges they are available in either a standard or soft close seat.


Bidets: The S20 Bidet range has a choice of either wall mounted or standing with their selection of bidets. The wall mounted will again help utilise the space in a smaller bathroom. The geometric style presented in this range shine through in the bidets making for a beautiful modern style.

Vitra S50 Range

The options in the Vitra S50 range are extremely diverse with an extensive range of products differing in sizes suitable for individual users as well as public spaces. The S50’s solid design and its ability to suit most styles helps create a pleasant and exclusive bathroom environments. The S50 products provide versatile solutions for any bathroom which are hygienic and high quality.

Basins: The Vitra S50 wash basins in this range comes in both geometric and curved designs as well as semi recessed and corner variations. The variety in wash basin sizes allows for compatibility in any bathroom, beginning at a compact 400mm and reaching up to a spacious 800mm. The counter top basins are a good choice for those wishing to create a more modern style.

Toilets: The varied choice extends to the Vitra S50 toilets too with back to wall, closed counter and wall mounted varieties available. The toilets in the S50 range all come with the option for either modern soft closed mechanism or standard item seat. This stylish range still has some space saving features too such as short projections or wall hung toilet to optimise the space you do have.

Bidets: The Vitra S50  wall hung bidet again mirrors Vitra’s stylish edge, producing a modern twist on a traditional item. The Bidet is becoming ever more popular in modern bathrooms allowing more ranges to bring their own versions to the market. This former cloakroom facility can up the class in any bathroom, the Vitra S50 collection is nothing if not adaptable.


If naturist views are thinking on the eco-friendly side you may be wondering what the sustainability of this vast corporation is. Vitra are highly committed to its conservation ways working closely with Blue Life to set up a series of guidelines which cover both the production process and the use of the final product. Vitra invested in technologies that minimize resource use as well as improve recovery and recycling rates further more through a series of strict measures, water use during production has been cut by nearly a third, consumption of power fell by 15 percent in all Vitra manufacturing sites and By lowering the firing temperature of kilns, Vitra achieves a 30 percent reduction in scrap waste and 15 percent reduction in natural gas consumption.