The Right Showering Experience for You by Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms

As bathroom trends change every year the product preferences change with it. At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we strive in making sure all requirements are met through design, whether that projects a more visually appealing bathroom, more practical or both. One of the up and coming changes to bathroom design is that showers are in and baths are out. People are swaying more towards a larger shower in their bathroom because they are becoming more and more of a show piece and are more practical for all the family.

Matki walk in shower area with large white tray and wetroom panels

Walk in Showers

Walk in showers are becoming more and more popular in the modern age. This is because as time progresses, manufacturers are producing more and more tray options to compete with the rise in wet rooms. Products such as the Merlyn True stone shower tray are being released more which a low-profile slate effect shower tray that can be cut to any size and is the same material all the way through. At double the cost to create a wet room if budget is key in your design it makes sense to go for this option as it almost achieves the same outcome. Walk in showers have always been about creating that easy to clean, minimalist look that opens a bathroom a bit more than to have an enclosure, this does most of the time require space for a larger tray to be fitted.

Matki square hinged shower enclosure with gloss white tray and centre waste

Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are perfect for the ideal sized bathroom. Depending on the layout of the bathroom a door configuration may be required such as sliding, hinged, infold or pivot. If you were really stuck for space the perfect shower enclosure for you would be to have an infold door, this opens inward  and is great for space saving and isn’t a cumbersome as a bi-fold door. The other option for space saving would be to have a sliding door which doesn’t intrude on the bathroom, giving you plenty of space for other products such as basin and WC. people prefer the idea of a walk-in shower because it looks sleeker but the new enclosure designs by companies such as Matki create frameless and bespoke enclosures to suit any requirement.

Wet room shower design with matt black brassware finish and light gloss tiles

Wet rooms

Wet room showers are the perfect design for people who want clean lines, minimalism and easy access to their shower. It is more complicated to create a wet room rather than an enclosure but once fitted will look flusher as the tiles will run straight onto the floor without breaking up on a shower tray. The place where a wet room really shines is in shower rooms, this is because there are no other products in the room and the area is solely dedicated to the shower area. In most cases when designing a shower wet room there isn’t even a need for a wet room screen which really adds to the easy to clean, ultra-modern look.