As human beings, it is only natural that we constantly strive for the next best thing. From smartphones to heating controls and now even self-cleaning ovens and dog camera’s, the desire to make our lives easier through modern gadgets will only get stronger as technology advances. As one of the most used rooms in the home, it’s also becoming progressively important that our bathrooms are a sanctuary of convenience too. With a great supply of devices at our fingertips, here, Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms brings to you, the very latest in smart bathroom technology.    

Hands-Free WC

Promising a germ-free way of using the humble toilet is the Geberit AquaClean. Featuring easy-to-use controls, this intelligent bathroom product combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning abilities of a bidet. This modern commodity also offers increased comfort and sanitation for a-fresh-out-of-the-shower-feeling. With its stylish design and space-saving benefits, the Geberit AquaClean will make a fabulous addition to your smart bathroom.     


smart bathroom technology at doug cleghorn

Hands-free smart WC’s available from Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms  


Voice Control

Hands up if you’re friends with Alexa because soon, voice control platforms like the Amazon Alexa device are set to take the smart bathroom industry by storm. Because you don’t actually need specific equipment to enjoy smart voice control, simply link your particular Amazon device to adjust the lighting or to play music in your bathroom. Even more fascinatingly, American bathroom and kitchen designer, Kohler have actually created a smart toilet and shower that are connected and operated through the Kohler Konnect platform. This device is currently only available in the US, however, it just shows the direction we are heading in and that anything is possible when it comes to smart bathroom technology.   

Smart Bathroom Scales

As the wellness industry continues to boom, savvy trendsetters look to work health and wellbeing into the core of their bathroom design. One great way to do this is with smart bathroom scales. Measuring more than just weight, some smart scales even calculate body fat and muscle mass and they connect to an app meaning you can share your fitness accomplishments with your friends from the comfort of your bathroom.        

Smart Mirrors

It might be the stuff of sci-fi films but smart mirrors are most definitely now a thing. This Vibe smart mirror from HiB actually allows you to play music from your smartphone, keeping you so entertained you won’t want to leave the bathroom. Offering a really impressive way to stay connected, some smart mirrors now even allow you to catch up on the latest news and check the train times, all while kick-starting your morning routine.     

Smart Showers

Smart mixer showers are the extraordinary, new way of showering. Allowing you to programme your unique combination into the device to include the temperature, flow and duration of your shower, this smart bathroom product guarantees a personalised shower experience, every time. We actually completed a project in 2015 that featured a smart shower and the device could be switched on externally so there was no need for our customer to get wet before the shower had warmed up.  


smart bathroom technology at doug cleghorn bathrooms

Aqualisa smart showers available from Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms


At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we are extremely proud to be retailers of smart bathroom technology and all of the products mentioned in this blog can be discussed in our Leeds based showroom. So, will you be joining the smart home revolution? As well as making life easier and cleaner, smart bathroom technology also allows you to create the bathroom of your dreams, leaving nothing to the imagination.

For optimal convenience without compromising on style, take your home to the next level with smart bathroom technology available at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms.