If you haven’t done already, it’s time to get reacquainted with brass in luxury bathroom design. A metallic alloy made up of copper and zinc, brass has actually been about for around two thousand years or so but that doesn’t mean to say that this metal is old hat. One of the biggest material trends we have seen in recent years, polished brass fittings are popping up in style-conscious homes everywhere and with such a variety of choice available, are a fantastic way of individualising your custom bathroom design.   

If you’re planning on rethinking the design of your bathroom, warming brass accents are a fabulous way to create a beautiful space in which to relax. Ensuring you are one step ahead of the crowd this summer, here are three ways to incorporate brass in your luxury bathroom design.       

Industrial-style Bathroom Design

For many years chrome has been the finish of choice for most of our customers but now for bathroom fixtures and fittings, brass is also a go-to look. If you’re a fan of the latest industrial trend, then this section has been written for you. Combining concrete-like materials with brass bathroom accessories will give an elegant take on the urban warehouse look. Fistral clay porcelain tiles by Verona will also help to achieve this desired effect as will Mica Grey tiles for an earthy and rugged feel. Continuing with this minimalist theme, a standalone bath from Clearwater will also make for a handsome focal point and when paired with simple copper taps and mixer, will ooze effortless sophistication.          

Period-style Bathroom Design

Packed with character, period-style bathrooms continue to be in demand. They also work really well in Victorian or Edwardian properties and even in modern new builds. To pull off the perfect heritage-style look, simply combine a crisp white bathroom suite with white metro wall tiles and olive or blue coloured cabinetry with brass fixtures and fittings. Vintage patterned floor tiles will also make a fabulous addition in a period-style bathroom design.     

Modern-Glam Bathroom Design

Just because brass fixtures and fittings are in does not mean your bathroom design has to be gaudy. This gorgeous brassware from Vitra, for instance, will encourage a dramatic contrast and look amazing when paired with darker pigments such as deep navy, grey or plum. A feature wall of copper mosaic tiles will also set the tone for bathroom glamour without appearing too overkill.  

Finishing Touches with Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms

We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog and discovering how you can incorporate the trend for brass into the design of your bathroom. If you usually opt for chrome but dream of trying something a bit different, switching to copper or brass accessories is a noncommittal way to experiment with this ever-growing trend.

Whether you’re a die-hard chrome fan or warming to warm metallics, at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we have plenty of choices to suit all tastes and practical considerations. Our range of show-stopping taps, bath fillers and mixers are from the most superior of brands and together will work to compliment the overall look of your luxury bathroom design. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas featured in this handy guide then we would love to hear from you! Alternatively, you can arrange a one-to-one appointment with a member of our Doug Cleghorn design team by simply clicking here


Beautiful brass in luxury bathroom design

Beautiful brass in luxury bathroom design. Image source: Verona Group.