Undertaking a major bathroom remodel can easily feel like a daunting task. Before you’ve even chosen your new bathroom suite, you’ll need to hire a team of professional workmen and make some crucial decisions about the new bathroom layout, plumbing, tiling, electrics and much more. From providing you with a luxurious and functional space to ensuring the entire project runs as smoothly as possible, here are five great reasons to employ a knowledgeable and experienced bathroom designer.              

Re-modelling expertise

A great bathroom designer has plenty of experience in remodelling any type and size of room. For example, a larger bathroom will need designing to promote a warm and inviting sanctuary. A smaller bathroom, on the other hand, should appear more spacious and easy to use. Covering all bases, a bathroom designer will work to utilise the space available in your bathroom and make the best use of the new furniture layout.      

Their dedicated team/trade connections

Well connected and with a great professional network, a bathroom designer is surrounded by lots of useful contacts to use at your disposal. With direct access to the very best deals, trusted tradesmen and the latest in design innovations, a bathroom designer will not only save you money by avoiding big and costly mistakes, they will also save you precious time in the process. At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we are a one-stop shop, which means you can have your bathroom not only designed by us but supplied and installed too by our recommended team of trades. An experienced bathroom designer will also be familiar with what brands to invest in and what not to touch with a barge pole.    

Stress-free bathroom renovations

Overwhelmed by flooring choices? No problem. Torn between tiling options? Done. From guidance with your bathroom layout, accessories and furnishings to designing a luxurious bathroom that suits your needs and your budget, a seasoned bathroom designer will prove to be your absolute renovation saviour.    

They can add value to your home

Potentially down the line, you may want to look at selling your home and if this is the case, a well-designed and attractive bathroom can only work in your favour. Much like adding a new kitchen, according to HSBC, a new bathroom can potentially give a ‘return on investment’ of about 50 percent.  

A bathroom designer will create YOUR dream bathroom

Any bathroom designer worth their salt has a proficient eye for detail and a great ear for listening. Creating a happy space that is totally you, a good bathroom designer will guide you through all elements of your new bathroom, from the deluxe new flooring to the splendidly finished tiles. They will also educate you on the latest bathroom trends and technology whilst taking into consideration your needs and your preferences.

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we use the latest in CGI technology to allow you to create your dream bathroom in 3D. We also believe that your bathroom renovation project should be a positive experience from start to finish – why else would you hire an outside designer right? Our aim is to reimagine your bathroom and bring it back to life to suit your needs, your budget and your taste so please feel free to view our Customer Case Studies and if you like what you see we would love to talk further with you. Why not visit us at our Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms showroom in Leeds. Because every great bathroom starts with a great bathroom designer.


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Image source: LAUFEN Bathrooms