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If you're looking for bathroom inspiration why not have a browse through our blog pages. Here you'll find some great bathroom ideas and some of our quality bathroom product recommendations. We love bathrooms and love to share our passion for bathrooms with you too.

The Victorian era brought with it wholesome bathroom design changes especially for newest middle class homes; this led to the emergence of the famously known Victorian bathroom design. Indoor plumbing including drainage and water supply was introduced during this time for all new houses. Initially, water was heated on the kitchen stove and then carried

Laufen ILBAGNOALESSI ONE   The Laufen Ilbagnoalessi One is one of my favourite Bathroom Design ranges. It was designed for Laufen by the Italian Design House Alessi who are world renowned for their Creativity.   The Ilbagnoalessi One was created by designer Stefano Giovannoni. Who got his inspiration from water smoothing a stone and can be

With so many showrooms and so many more bathroom products. Knowing the difference between the various types can start to get a little confusing. Over the next few weeks we’re going to provide you with a brief guide to the various different types of product that are available. This post will cover the subject of baths. Baths come in various

As the owner of Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we have been carrying out bathroom installations for the past 15 years and have recently opened a design showroom in North Leeds. We started this guide to help consumers & the DIY bathroom fitter understand vast amount of bathroom products available.   Close Coupled Toilets Close coupled toilets

Selecting the right Bathroom Products is essential. At Doug Cleghorn bathrooms we’ve been designing, installing and supplying bathrooms for over 15  years. In that time we’ve learnt a lot about bathroom product selection. We’ve found this increasingly important with the increase in low quality bathroom suites available on the market. On a daily basis we speak to

The Benefits of Wet Rooms – Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Blog Ever thought of having a wet room installed before? A wet room is a fully open tilled shower area that is deficient of a shower screen and tray. The simple principle of being able to walk into your showering area without having to climb over

Introduction Hi I’m Doug Cleghorn. I design and install beautiful bathrooms and I have been doing so for the last 12 years. I pride myself on reliable communication with my clients as they are the foundation of my business. I carry out bathroom projects across the Leeds, Harrogate and surrounding areas with the help of my

Our Selection of Bathroom Tile Ideas With so much choice available now for your bathroom it can be so confusing finding the right tile to match the look you are going for. A lot of our customers that come and visit us in our Leeds bathroom showroom say the same thing: it was much easier

How do I choose the right bathroom company ? I have provided details of the three most common types of bathroom company you can instruct to install your bathroom. All three have their own pros and cons which I have set out below to help you decide which option is best for you. 1. Sole

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time as I’ve been a little pre-occupied creating our new larger Leeds Bathroom Showroom. Back in January we opened a small boutique bathroom showroom that we used to design bathrooms and demonstrate to our customers the quality bathroom products we supply. We quickly out grew the

If you’re looking for a contemporary bathroom you don’t need masses of space or a huge budget to create the wow factor. Here are some tips on creating a contemporary bathroom. Create a focal point Create a focal point for the room with a free-standing bath. If you don’t have the space use a picture

The worlds most expensive bath which was sold at Harrods for £530,000. It was cut from a 10 ton Amazonian crystal stone. The bath was designed by Baldi an Italian interiors company and designed to accommodate 3 people comfortably. The bath is sculpted with diamond cuts and left partially rough to expose the natural beauty

Over the past 10 years we’ve seen a sharp increase in the sale of low cost unbranded bathroom suites online. As a company we have fitted our fair share of them. I don’t think we have ever fitted one without coming across some sort of problem, either parts missing, doors not fitting correctly or water