Why You Never Need To Buy Toilet Roll Again

A hot topic this week has no doubt been the Coronavirus which has resulted in people panic buying various items including toilet roll. This behaviour has caused quite a divide in opinion amongst people and it really got us thinking here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms.

Naturally, when preparing for the apocalypse, sorry, self-isolation, you are going to stock up on the necessities such as tinned food, hand sanitiser and toilet roll. We can understand why you wouldn’t want to get caught short during what is a private moment, however it does beg the question as to why people have chosen to bulk buy hand sanitiser over bottled water, the latter actually being able to keep you alive during the end of the world.

However, what if we told you that you never had to purchase toilet roll again? A family of four use around 600 toilet rolls a year costing them on average £600. That’s a lot of money to spend on thin paper that you simply use as a disposable waste removal cloth. If we were to tell you that over the next 10 years you would easily spend £6,000 on toilet roll, surely you would want to explore an alternative and more cost-effective solution?

Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms has the answer! The shower toilet.

A shower toilet combines the functionality of a toilet with the cleaning properties of a bidet. instead of wiping yourself with dry paper, at the touch of a button, the shower toilet can wash you clean with a jet of pleasantly warm water meaning that there is no need for a single piece of toilet roll. You wouldn’t wash your hands with just paper or wash yourself each morning with dry paper rather than having a shower, so ask yourself the question as to why you would clean yourself with dry toilet paper after using the toilet?

When discussing shower toilets with customers, we are always met with the same reservations such as the cost, the hygiene aspect, the unknown, or just complete and utter fear of a toilet that can do more than just flush.

Shower toilets are of course naturally slightly more expensive than your standard WC pan, but they also provide several more functions compared to a standard pan. Starting at £595, the shower toilet can pay for itself within the first 12 months and you don’t have to flush it away after one use!

Shower toilets are extremely sanitary, both for the user and for the bathroom itself. The personal spray arms mean a comforting and thoroughly hygienic clean after every use, complete with a ‘lady shower’ for females. The automatic pre and post cleaning process ensures that the spray arms are continuously kept clean after each use.

Shower toilets also provide comfort with body temperature water, odour extraction, a heated seat, gentle air drying and customisable personal wash jets.

We have listed our top 5 shower toilets in price ascending order to show you that there is an affordable option for everyone. We have three shower toilets on display in our Showroom, one of which our customers are more than welcome to try and test for themselves. We would invite you to come and look and try a shower toilet at our Showroom and encourage you to put those ten packs of toilet roll straight back on the shelf!

Vitra Aquacare M Line Bidet Toilet

Vitra Aquacare Rimless Wall Hung WC

Vitra Aquacare Rimless Wall Hung WC with bidet function is a WC and Bidet in one. This entry model shower toilet requires no electrical connection as the water is controlled through standard plumbing.  Used in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries for many years, Price £595 Find out more.

Tuma seat and pan

Geberit Tuma Enhancement Solution

The shower toilet enhancement solution is the perfect attachment for the Tuma Comfort or Classic and has the same features as the Classic complete set. The Shower toilet features can be set with 5 different levels of pressure wash and has adjustable positions and temperature which can all be programmed under an energy saving mode. Price £1320 Find out more.

Sela Display

Geberit Aquaclean Sela Wall Hung

The Geberit Aquaclean Sela is a shower toilet that naturally fits into any environment and is made to look like a regular WC. The look of this WC really stands out because if you like the idea of having a bidet toilet but love the classic style of the wall hung WC then the Sela is perfect for you. The Sela is also available in the floor-standing version so you can be sure when looking to purchase the Sela you will provided with the classic, clean & sleek visual style with the modern multi-featured bidet controls. Price £2898 Find out more.

Laufen riva

Laufen Riva Shower Toilet

The Laufen Riva shower toilet is one of a kind as it’s exceptional cleaning features match its unique design. The Swiss are renowned for creating and producing high quality products and with storage of up to four users profiles, each user can benefit from a different selection of service with the same quality of performance. Price £4100 Find out more.

Aquaclean Mera

Geberit Aquaclean Mera Comfort Wall Hung

The Aquaclean Mera Comfort is a Bidet toilet also known in the industry as a shower toilet and as said by Geberit is a masterpiece of product and design. The features within this product are endless but all serve a practical and helpful purpose. One of the main features of the Mera Comfort is that it has multi gender wash settings with a rimless ceramic pan and turbo flush technology. A popular feature for this product is the touch less automatic Lid mechanism and heating system which triggers a sensor so that the WC activates ready for your arrival.  The most practical feature for the Aquaclean Mera comfort is the odour extraction which is perfect to add to the feel of a fresh, clean bathroom.        Price £5,770 Find out more.