MyDay by Geberit

The new MyDay range by Geberit has a completely different look to the other ranges on offer by the premium Swiss brand. The more organic and soft curves of the furniture mixed with the new light, trendy colours bring a relaxed feel to a bathroom. Looking at its elegant design it adds a unique impression to a bathroom and fits in with a simple but ultra-modern style. The soft edges of the ceramic and furniture really work well with other bathroom products such as freestanding baths and round wall hung toilets, together creating a look that will be featured in a upcoming trends in 2020.

Geberit MyDay Basin Unit


The longer length but lower height units provide a lot of storage and gives a floating effect. This is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and creates a natural bathroom environment and reflects well with soft colours and a minimal style. Like most of the ranges in Geberit the MyDay furniture has a lot of different options which range in shapes and sizes. From the sleek, thin countertop washbasin unit to the single drawer cabinet for washbasin which holds a deeper drawer but still has the soft edges and lighter look.


The interior impresses with practical features and comfort-enhancing details such as anti-slip mats and internal LED lighting in the washbasin cabinets. With space being a premium in many modern homes MyDay offers fantastic storage space making your toiletries easy to access without having to crawl to the back of a cupboard when you’re bleary eyed in the morning. The storage space allows you to keep your bathroom organised and the soft internal mood lighting adds to the luxury of this unit.

MyDay Basin Unit

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