Matki Showers in Leeds

We’re proud to announce we have just started stocking Matki Showers at our Leeds showroom.  With our company ethos being to only sell the very best quality products. It is not surprising our designers wanted us to start displaying Matki Showers when we carried out our recent expansion of the showroom; towards the end of 2018. We had our eye on supplying Matki from the day we opened our showroom however they are very particular about which showrooms stock their products. With us now being a well established luxury bathroom showroom when we approached Matki they jumped at the chance for us to start supplying their Shower Enclosures and Wet room Panels.

Why Matki Showers?

Back in the days of us being installers we would regularly fit Matki Showers and they always stood out as being a higher quality shower enclosure. You don’t need to take our word for this though as Matki Shower Enclosures, Wet room panels and Shower Trays are covered by a 10 year guarantee against parts failure. On top of this the initial two year period covering labour costs which is not very common for manufacturers to do.  On top of the guarantee that Matki supply that really does back up the quality of the products they have an extensive range of Enclosures.


Product Range

Matki have an extensive product range of shower enclosures, shower trays, wet room panels and bath screens. The Eauzone Plus frameless range are one of our particular favourites.


EauZone Plus

The EauZone Plus is of exceptional quality and styling. It has 10mm solid safety glass and exquisitely finished details. Within this range there are bath screens that are a minimalist water tight solution for over-bath showering. The wet room panels in this range are made with 10mm & 12mm safety glass. The base of the panels are completely frame-less and up to 1200mm do not require a brace bar. The Eauzone Plus range has various glass and metal finishes available. The icing on the cake for this range is the availability of bespoke shower enclosures.

Matki EauZone Plus

Matki One

The Matki-One shower enclosures are unique with their geometric design and angular profiles. They come in chrome and silver finishes as standard however they can be customised with the ranges of framing finishes and and circular disc details. With the most popular finishes being Black, Brass and Architectural Bronze. The Matki-One are expertly engineered from high quality materials that are robust but with minimal appearance.

Matki One


The illiusion collection blends minimal lines and softened edges. This range has cleverly designed features and has a innovative integrated tray. One of our designers favourites from this range is the quintesse. This pentangle shower screen is the perfect space saver and looks absolutely fantastic.

Matki Illlusion

Shower Trays

What shower enclosure wouldn’t be complete with out a shower tray. Well Matki offer a large variety of those too, to cover every eventuality.


The preference standard and bespoke shower trays are made from Matki’s solid surface formula that are warm to touch and full of in ground marble. The beauty of the preference range is the bespoke offering. If you have a difficult layout need to accommodate pipes or cut outs this bespoke shower tray is ideal. They are available in any shape or size p to 2050mm x 1150mm and the location of the waste can also be selected.

Matki Preference


The slate shower trays have the texture taken from a large piece of natural slate. The slate shower tray and shower floor feel like the real thing. They are available in a standard off the shelf colours but are also available in any colour via RAL.  With the custom  colour shower trays you can pick a colour from your bathroom and have them made to this.


Matki Slate


The Fineline is a robust shower tray and if like many people you would like added piece of mind with a little extra height for enhanced drainage then this 60mm shower tray should do the trick.  They are manufacturered from high quality stone resin  and come with a chrome cap waste. The also come with the option of having four tiling up-stands to give you that completely secure water tight seal.

Matki Fineline


The low profile Continental 40mm tray is a modern durable tray available in square, rectangular and curved shapes. They are made from poured resin, double layered acrylic and tested to withstand 1.2 tonnes. This tray comes with a central high flow shower waste.

manufacturered from high quality stone resin  and come with a chrome cap waste. The also come with the option of having four tiling up-stands to give you that completely secure water tight seal.

Matki Continental


The Matki bath screens are everything you would come to expect from this luxury shower screen manufacturer.  They are innovatively designed from contemporary over the bath showering. They come in 10mm, 8mm and 6mm glass with chrome frames. They also come with the patented non-drip sealing system which is easy to clean.

Matki Eleganza

If we haven’t convinced you why Matki showers are the number one choice for your new bathroom why not come and visit us at our Showroom and take a look at what Matki have to offer.