Walk into luxury with a Doug Cleghorn wet room

A new way of showering, the wet room is one of the most sought after bathroom trends of modern interior design. An indulgent escape from the everyday pressures of life, wet rooms are also a novel take on the standard shower enclosure and add an element of luxury into the classic family bathroom.

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we are a leading provider of luxury wet rooms across the Leeds and Harrogate areas. Our technical knowledge is beyond compare and what we don’t know about installing a luxury, leak-free wet room, just isn’t worth knowing at all. If you’re searching for the right team to convert your bathroom, have a read of this handy guide. From the design to the waterproofing and the incredibly vital drainage, here’s everything you need to know about a Doug Cleghorn wet room. 

What is a Wet Room?

First up, allow us to clarify what we mean when we say the term ‘wet room’. Wet rooms are is essence a bathroom in which the shower is either fully open plan or fitted behind a single wall and the floor fully flush with the rest of the room. They are very different to a walk-in shower in that the latter will feature a low-level shower tray whereas a wet room will not. It’s also for this reason that good drainage is key. Because the shower water flows directly onto the tiles, a sloping floor will ensure that this is channelled into the drain. To ensure absolute waterproofing, a wet room is also always fully tanked with the entire splash area sealed to prevent any leaks or damp. When it comes to your wet room installation it’s really important you employ an experienced team. Problems and mistakes can be costly to repair so only use the best installers and the highest quality products.

Wet Room Benefits

Whether your home is small, large, a cottage or an apartment, you can be the proud owner of an indulgent wet room. Not only will it add the wow factor to your property but a wet room can even increase the overall value of your home. They are also really straightforward to clean and easily accessible to those who have movement restrictions. Additionally, wet rooms are a clever, space-saving option for smaller bathrooms because the need for a shower enclosure or bath is simply eliminated.

Your Doug Cleghorn Wet Room

There’s no doubt that this bathroom style has increased in popularity and if you’re also thinking about getting rid of the tub, we’ve spent a lot of time producing luxury wet rooms. Recesses in the shower room wall are a really useful way of storing bathroom accessories and toiletries. Marble-effect tiles will also create a seamless look and provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful shower experience.    

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we are one of Yorkshire’s leading shower room installers and so if you’d like to take a look at our many creations, you can view our unique portfolio here. With over 20 years of experience in unrivalled workmanship and service, we invite you to walk into luxury with a bespoke wet room by Doug Cleghorn.


Walk into luxury with a Doug Cleghorn wet room.

Walk into luxury with a Doug Cleghorn wet room. Image source: Verona Group.