How to install a leak free wet room from the experts


Wet rooms background

We always recommend using Aqua4ma as it is the best wet room system on the market and is unique. Provided it is installed correctly comes with a lifetime guarantee. Installing a wet room always concerns people as they here horror stories of them going wrong. Wet room systems have been used round the rest of the world for years and in the grand scheme of things is relatively new to the UK. This is why you will hear stories of people having water coming through their ceiling. The reason for this happening tends to be due to the wet room being installed by inexperienced installers.  Providing you use a reliable system such as Aqua4ma for your wet room and it is installed correctly I guarantee you your wet room will be leak free for at least 19 years. The only reason we say 19 years is because that is when we first installed our first wet room. I’ll let you know in another 5 years how it is getting on.

Wet room Shadwell (4)

Aqua4ma our recommendation

Aqua4ma created by kudos is brilliant when creating a wet room anywhere inside the house. This easy to use system is designed to be completely watertight even before tiling guaranteeing no leaks around the house. The last thing you want when installing a wet room in your home is a leak that causes damage, at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we have a team of specialised fitters who ensure that will not be the case. Unlike other wet room systems that supply the thinner membranes that are easily damaged. The Aqua4ma system consists of interlocking UPVC rigid panels. These panels can be used on the wall or floor, creating a watertight space and are adaptable to cutting into shapes like shelves, seats and bath panels. Aqua4mas unique properties self-seals around the screws to leave a watertight finish and with 9 sizes to choose from they can meet any requirements.

How to install

Installing a wet room has been and is usually an awkward process. We find with Aqua4ma only basic skills are required to fit as the quality of the product will do the rest. The steps to creating the perfect wet room using Aqua4ma would be as follows:

  • Slide the top former to the edge of the room and mark the position of the hole.
  • Align the metal tray and mark the corners to remove the section with recommendation of fitting extra support for the floorboards.
  • Place the waste body in the centre and turn to desired angle and connect the 2-inch solvent weld pipe.
  • Apply adhesive to the joists and place the metal tray, marking the position of the joists and screwing in the tray edges.
  • Insert the supplied O ring into the centre of the top former and place in the threaded connector and screw the rubber seal on the opposite side.
  • Place the top former onto the metal tray inserting the waste trap into the threaded connector.
  • Apply Solvent weld to the grill retainer, place onto the top former and insert the steal grill to finish the drainage section.
  • Apply solvent weld to the edges and fill the remainder of the room screwing every 6-inches as you go.
  • Board the remainder of the floor with the interlocking boards and solvent weld together.
  • Run the skirting boards around the room and solvent weld to the floor boards essentially making the room in to a large shower tray.
  • Lay your floor covering.


You can watch an easy to follow video of how to install a wet room using Aqua4ma here.


We always recommend using a specialist installer for you wet room system. Providing it is installed correctly they should last problem free for years to come.