Layout & Space Options for Your Dream Bathroom

Creating space is one of the primary objectives when designing a bathroom. This can sometimes be made difficult by the space provided in your home and can result in a limited layout you might have to stick with. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and depending on what other rooms you have you can extend and change the shape to create your dream design. At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms our designers will work together to provide the best possible layout by incorporating space but keeping the desired design.

Loft conversion with walk in shower and basin with floor standing unit

Bathrooms in a loft conversion

One of the most challenging layouts when designing a bathroom is a loft conversion. This is because you will be restricted with space and where the products can be placed. Although space can sometimes be an issue, loft conversions can look amazing as they almost always have a lot of natural light coming in from the use of Velux windows which really elevates the bathrooms look. Most of the time the layout will be chosen for you in a loft conversion as there is limited space provided for the shower due to sloping ceiling. The same will go for the WC as there is usually a space behind the bottom of the slope where a cistern can be hidden, or storage can be placed.

Large open t shaped bathroom with free standing bath

Obscure Shaped Bathrooms

Obscure shaped bathrooms can seem challenging when trying to design a new bathroom but most of the time are actually not. Differently shaped bathrooms such as T and L shaped are often frowned upon because they aren’t square. However with the right  design everything will fall into place, especially when working with fitted furniture. If you wanted to create the illusion of space in a bathroom that is an obscure shape or is quite small consider wall hung furniture as lifting products off the floor  allow more light to pass through the bathroom and open up the space.

Small bathroom design with tiled bath panel and fitted furniture units

Small Bathrooms

A lot of people tend to struggle with the size of their bathroom and overthink about what they can have. Small bathrooms do lack in space but there is still a lot you can do with them as most people in recent trends are taking their baths out and keeping a larger area for the shower, making it easier to open up the rest of the bathroom. If a bath is one of the requirements for your bathroom and you would like a larger showering space consider using a shower bath which allows more space for showering but also doesn’t take up much room in the rest of the bathroom.