Black taps in bathroom

Latest Bathroom Trends

Bathroom design requires keeping up with the constant change in trends and incorporating it into projects not to mention leading the way in setting new trends in the bathroom world. The most popular bathroom trend through 2017 and 2018 was grey. However 2019 has seen a shift in the latest trend, while grey is still as popular as every. The trend has turned bolder with darker tones and black features. This trend Is mostly featured in brass ware, mirrors and accessories especially in matte finishes. The black fixtures and fittings with carrara marble tiles is becoming the most popular trend of 2019 by far.

A splash of colour and a touch of quality.

Colour in bathroomIt does seem that colour is starting to make an appearance as a new trend in 2019. Don’t panic we’re not going to see Avacado bathrooms back on the shelves just yet.   Adding a splash of colour to a bathroom  is becoming increasingly popular an is certainly showing signs of being the next trend. Colour is being added to bathrooms through the use of coloured basin vanity units, accent walls and customised designer radiators. The release of the new individual range from Vado gives a wide selection of high quality custom finished brass-ware available in Black, Polished Gold, Brushed Gold and Inox. All with a 15 year guarantee. With such a selection of finishes now being available bathrooms can be created that are truly individual to you.

Bathroom Technology

Should the bidet make a comebackAs we are moving forward it means that our technology is growing and becoming more advanced in many different areas, one of these areas is the bathroom industry. Now I know what you would think with water and technology not really making a mix! And the idea of using tech in bathrooms can be a scary thought. Some manufacturers such as Geberit and HIB Have made sure that this is not the case. The products they have created such as the Geberit Aquaclean that incorporates tech into its design and function are just outstanding. Technology in bathrooms seems to be discreet features such as sound systems installed in the bathroom, concealed digital shower valves and interactive mirror units.


Going for Gold

Gold and Carrara BathroomA trend that seems to have arrived internationally is the gold look on white or marble Carrara. This creates an almost traditional look with a modern take of the simple, modern brass-ware designs. Like the gold and white, another trend making a comeback in a new form is the industrial style of having exposed pipework, metal finishes with wooden accents. This can be and is popular in combining with the different finished brass-ware or even patterned tiles like the exposed brick design.


One of the most surprising trends of 2019 is that the customer has become more discerning. 2019 has seen the fall of some major players in the bathroom industry all of whom had one things in common they were renowned for their low cost products. With the customer becoming to realise that these products although they may be cheap they also have a short life span so actually don’t really offer value for money. 2019 has seen customers become more aware of this and are now seeking out more of the higher quality brands where the products are built to last and have guarantees with them to prove it.