How to clean your bathroom without using chemicals like your Granny used to.

Your granny didn’t have all these fancy cleaning sprays found today and you don’t need them either.  As we all know chemicals are harsh substances. If you pay a lot for your bathroom you don’t want to be ruining it in such a short space of time. By using chemicals will mean the chrome in your bathroom could be stripped and look dull. This will then change the whole look of your beautiful bathroom.

There are many ways in which you can clean your bathrooms without using chemicals. These are easy to do and the ingredients required are easy to access too.

Toilet Cleaning

When cleaning your toilet, there’s absolutely no need to use bleach to get your toilet sparkling clean. You can use homemade, non-toxic bathroom cleaners and these can de-stain just as well as the harsh chemical bleach. For a sparkling toilet, pour half a cup of vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda and mix these together. Pour the mixture into the toilet bowl, let the substance stand for about 30 minutes before scrubbing. To get the best results repeat this method once a week.

Shower or Bath Cleaning

If you are wanting to clean your shower or bath, you can do so by mixing baking soda and all-natural dish soap. This will then create an amazing paste ready to get rid of all unwanted muck. This will easily do just as good of a job as any store-bought bathroom scrub. The paste works miracles at removing soap residue from shower doors, as well as limescale and rust stains on ceramic tile. To apply the paste, it is recommended to use a sponge or cloth to rub the paste into the surface until stains are removed, then wipe clean with warm water. Also, to remove stains on the grout, you should go for a more vigorous method and scrub the area with a toothbrush using the same paste. The paste can be abrasive, so use sparingly on delicate surfaces.

Remove Mould

As vinegar is a mould killer you can use it to remove build-up of unwanted substances and mildew from the corners of your shower. To do this you should spray the dirty areas with vinegar, and let the vinegar dry. Then spray repeat the process but wipe clean straight after spraying. Because vinegar has mild acidity the substance loosens the particles and kills the bacteria.

Mould is much easier to prevent than to clean it.

So, we would recommend spraying down the shower after each use with a mixture of water and vinegar to prevent the mould from settling in the first place.


Clogged Drains

We believe one of the most common causes of a clogged drain in your bathroom is hair. But no one wants to pull out clumps of tangled hair. All common drain cleaners contain toxic substances. These are chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals can be extremely harmful and may cause permanent damage to skin and eyes if they happen to contact these areas. Also, the vapours that these chemicals let off can burn lungs.

Non-toxic drain cleaner.

Instead of pouring toxic chemicals down your drain, which could damage the environment too, you should use these two ingredients to create your own drain cleaner. This is a non-toxic drain cleaner which contains baking soda and vinegar. The first step is to remove any visible dirt. Then you should pour about a 3/4 cup of dry baking soda down the drain, then followed by a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Then you should immediately plug the drain with a stopper or rag, and let it sit. The reaction of baking soda and vinegar will break down all the dirt. After around 30 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain.


Streak free mirrors.

If you want a streak-free mirror its easy, all you must do is use a clean, lint-free cloth and warm water. If you need a little more strength to breakdown the toothpaste splatters, mix equal parts water and white vinegar into a spray bottle, and spray then wipe away.


Tile Cleaning

If you want to clean your tiles, you should mix 1/2 cup of baking soda into a warm bucket of water wash your tiles or mop your floor as normal. If you want a fresher scent to your bathroom add a little bit of lemon juice to the mixture. This will give the room a fresh and clean scent.