How To Accessorise Your Bathroom

You may be in the process of designing your dream bathroom, or you may already be enjoying a lovely warm shower in your stunning new bathroom.

Either way, there is so much to think about along the way such as what tiles you’ll have, whether you will have a wall hung pan or not, so much so that it can be easy to forget about the purpose and functionality of the room and how you want the very end result to look.

Accessorising your bathroom can be a tricky task, how will you know what you’ll need until you use the bathroom and where do you even start with dressing your beautiful new bathroom to achieve that show home finish?

There are two aspects to consider when designing your new bathroom, functionality and fashion.

In order for you to maximise the functionality of your bathroom, you need to envision yourself using your dream bathroom and establish what aspects are most important to you.

Dark Slate bathroom with round freestanding bath

Imagine relaxing in your beautiful new free-standing bath, full of warm bubbles, mood lighting on and music playing from your brand-new Bluetooth mirror. You take a sip of your red wine and before you sink further into the bath you go to place your glass of wine on the niche perfectly placed in the wall next to the bath, oh no wait, you didn’t put a niche in! You have the pull yourself out of your lovely warm bath, carefully place your wine glass on the bathroom floor and in order to continue to enjoy your glass of wine in the bath, you have to keep getting out of the warm water to pick up your wine glass. Not the most relaxing bath after all.

open wet room shower with slate effect tiles and recessed bench

Alternatively, you could be enjoying your incredible new shower, the hot water falling from your rainfall shower head waking you up for your day ahead. You step out of your shower and reach for your towel that has been nicely warmed on your stunning new towel radiator ready to bundle around you. Wait, you didn’t put your radiator anywhere near the shower, your towel is not in reaching distance and you have to make a quick awkward walk from the shower to the other side of the bathroom, the cold hitting you the whole way.

Dark tiled bathroom with wood effect tiles and warm mood lighting

The two scenarios above may seem minor, but they can really put a dampener on using your incredible new bathroom day in day out. You need to have a think about how you are going to maximise the use of your bathroom on a daily basis down to the minor aspects such as what side will you want to reach for your toilet paper if you plan to have a toilet roll holder. Where will you put your shower gel in your new shower so that it’s accessible? Would building niches into the walls be beneficial so that you have ready made shelves for that glass of wine or candle?

Bath Rack

Here is a list of the top bathroom accessories that can really improve the functionality of your bathroom: –

  • A toilet roll holder placed in an accessible position
  • A toilet brush
  • Grab bars strategically placed to provide extra assistance whilst using the bathroom
  • A corner basket in your shower to hold your soap and shower gel
  • A towel ring next to your basin and vanity unit for your hand or face towel
  • A towel rail to hold your spare towels
  • A towel radiator positioned perfectly next to your bath or shower ensuring that you have a warm towel to use immediately after stepping out of the hot water
  • Niches built into the walls to hold your essentials or some beautiful accessories
  • A bath rack to hold your glass of wine, iPad or book

Once you have given the functionality of your bathroom some good thought, you will need to think about what finished look and mood you want to create.

Here are some of the best accessories that can add personality to your bathroom and give it that wow factor.


Towels are such a crucial item to have in the bathroom, but they can also be one of the best accessories. Neutral coloured towels can add such class to a bathroom, or a pop of colour can really add a vibrant tone to the room. Add a matching bath matt for that extra luxury feel.

Changing the colour of your towels is a great way of changing the whole look of your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Bisque Arteplano Mirror Finish


Bathroom mirrors can be so much more than just a mirror these days. You may want to opt for a classical basic bathroom mirror, or you can opt for the all singing all dancing bathroom mirror with integrated Bluetooth technology to play your favourite tracks whilst you’re cleaning your teeth, USB charging ports, shaver sockets and toothbrush holders.

Illuminated mirrors are a great way of adding an extra touch of glamour to a bathroom and can help to create additional mood lighting.

Bathroom Lighting


The lighting in a bathroom is such an important factor. The use of cool or warm lighting will create two totally different finishes and it is wise to choose the lighting colour that will compliment the tone of your tiles the best.

To create mood lighting for those long baths, you can add a dimmer switch, or inserting LED lighting into your niches, floor or bath panel is such a simple way of creating a luxurious look and feel.

Candles Bathroom


There are so many beautiful accessories that you can add to your bathroom to create those finishing touches.

Candles are always an attractive accessory but can also add a lovely aroma to a bathroom. Essential oils diffusers are a super easy way to make your bathroom smell amazing and can also provide great health benefits to you!

Do not be afraid of using plants, faux or natural, to accessorise your bathroom. A bathroom is a sanctuary and there is no harm in bringing mother nature into your relaxation zone.

Placing your lotions and potions around your bathroom is a great way of creating a spa feel to the room. Decanting your lotions into your own dispensers is a really simple way of adding functional accessories to the room.

Wall frames and wall art can really add a personal touch to the bathroom, and you may want to gaze into a picture of a beach in Sant Tropez whilst you soak in the bath planning your next getaway in your thoughts.

Bathroom Caddies

Caddies and Storage

Caddies and storage baskets are another attractive yet functional accessory. Place the baskets under your sink or next to your bath so that your toilets roll or towels are always in reach.

Narrow units are a great way of storing extra towels, flannels and toiletries and of course that luxury bottle of bubble bath that you may use one day, but it’s far too pretty to open!