How do I choose the right bathroom company ?

I have provided details of the three most common types of bathroom company you can instruct to install your bathroom. All three have their own pros and cons which I have set out below to help you decide which option is best for you.

1. Sole Traders

If you instruct a sole trader, you will be required to source your own Plumber, Tiler, Joiner and Electrician. You will also need to source and purchase your own bathroom suite, tiles and also manage the project yourself.


If done properly, and if you do your research, you could save yourself quite a bit of money.


All of the responsibility lies with you and it can be extremely stressful organising all of the different tradesmen to start on the job at the correct times.

It may also end up costing you more money if any mistakes are made or if there are problems with the materials as you will be liable for the costs of rectifying them.

It may take a long time for the work to be carried out and it does involve a lot of effort.

2. Project Managers


A project manager will be the one point of contact who will not only source the materials, they will also co-ordinate all of the tradesmen.

The project manager will ultimately be used to manage the various tradesmen and oversee the installation which will take away a great deal of stress.


You will have all different companies and tradesmen entering your house which you may not know the background of and you are therefore solely relying on your project manger’s recommendation.

It is also quite common to pay each tradesman separately so the project manager isn’t actually required to be VAT registered.

Legally, your guarantee will be with each company that has carried out each different area of the project so if you do encounter problems in the future, you may end up having to resolve them with each individual party involved in the installation.

Some project managers also look to source the cheapest labour to keep the prices down and make the most profit which means that corners can get cut.

3. A bathroom company that carries out everything from supply to installation


The company will assist you with sourcing everything from one place saving time and money on the materials.

You will have one point of contact throughout the install. Legally the guarantee is with one company so this gives you the best protection if you have any problems in the future.

One company will carry out all the work from start to finish.

The company should have a code of conduct that their employees are required to adhere to.


This option may be a little more expensive as you will be required to pay VAT. Any company turning over £69k a year must be VAT registered which to break it down is only 25 £3,000 installations annually. You would expect an experienced reputable bathroom company to be carrying out a minimum of 25 installations a year.