Creating the Perfect His & Her Bathroom

A bathroom can be quite challenging designing on your own, but you still have an exact idea of your dream bathroom. So, designing one together with a partner can be even more complicated as each person knows what they want and likes their own space. His & her bathrooms are becoming more popular and they are a great way to combine two styles to create one masterpiece and shared environment.

Traditional double basin with floor standing storage & his/hers inset basin

The place to start with his and her bathrooms is to include a double basin with a double unit, creating a lot of storage for each person. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we have a luxury Geberit Icon double basin and unit on display as an example of the kind of look that is achievable for his and her bathrooms. When creating this type of bathroom, going down a traditional route is a great option as the soft curved edges and luxury design comes together to create a sanctuary for both him and her.

Contemperary open wetroom with free standing bath and built in recesses

Colour coordination is important when planning for a his & her bathroom. You may need to compromise on colour schemes as each person has an idea of which colours they like. Neutral colours are a great choice as not everyone is a fan of patterns and outgoing design, keeping the colours light and clean can create a stunning contemporary bathroom that’s suitable for him and her. It is always important to accessorise within a bathroom and really make it yours, again colours come into play here as they would have to relate to the bathroom design. Grey is never out of fashion and is a perfect accessory colour for lighter, soft coloured bathrooms.

free standing bath with floor standing bath mixer with illuminated recess.

If bathing is an important experience for you then a double ended, spacious free-standing bath is what you will need for a his and her bathroom. Free standing baths are the best choice for this because they allow a lot of space, they are double ended, they add to the sophisticated design and you can both relax as you wouldn’t have to worry about the position of the tap. If look isn’t that important to you compared to practicality, then an ideal option would be to put a large double ended built in bath and would still provide a lot of space and comfort.