What heat output is required?

One of the main aspects of creating your new bathroom is ensuring that the heating works correctly. Everyone wants to be provided with comfort and warmth in their home, and this is especially true within the bathroom. The way to achieve this inside a bathroom is like any other room, to calculate the BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) for the room. A BTU is the amount of energy required to heat one pound of water from 39-40 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will require the measurements of the length and width of the room, the ceiling height, the type of flooring and what is below, above the room, how many outside walls and the type of windows.

This is very important when calculating the BTU output required for your bathroom. If the output is too high/low it would mean that the room would never reach its optimum temperature, meaning you would spend more on heating bills. Once you have calculated the BTUs, you’re ready to choose the radiator. When selecting the perfect towel radiator for your bathroom you need to remember to choose the correct BTU output to suit. The factors that come into play when thinking about the output from a radiator are the size and finish, for example chrome radiators will always give out up to 30% less heat than the painted equivalent. When selecting bathroom radiators most brochures will provide the heat output of the radiator or towel warmer in BTUs or in Watts.


Bathroom Radiator & Towel Warmer Styles

Nowadays there is more choice than ever before for the style and colour of radiators available for your bathroom heating. Gone are the days of having to have a standard white radiator with a towel rail above or a boring bathroom ladder rail. If your looking for function or a more design led option we’re confident you’ll find a beautiful radiator to match the decor of your new bathroom. Here are some available options:

Deline Coloured Towel Radiator

Deline Coloured Towel Radiators

The Deline radiators from Bisque are a higher quality version of what many people will refer to as the traditional towel ladder rail. The Bisque Deline is available in a wide variety of different finishes, a number stocked, and an even wider variety made to order. The choice of finishes allows you to compliment your new bathroom perfectly and whether you are looking to go bold with a bright yellow, or an anthracite to blend in with the grey tones of your new bathroom, the Deline range of radiators will have a finish to meet your needs.

Chime Towel Radiator



The Bisque Chime is available in a mirror finish or anthracite and is one of our most popular designer radiators. The striking arms of this towel radiator make the perfect designer centre piece for any designer bathroom. With its large surface area giving a large BTU output it really does stand out in any luxury bathroom.


Bisque Arteplano Mirror Finish


The Arteplano is an absolute favourite within our team of Designers. It comes with option towel rails and is one of the most luxurious stand out bathroom radiators we have seen to date. We’ve recently started refurbishing our showroom washroom and this beautiful radiator is taking centre stage in the brushed black finish. The image shows the mirror finish however the etched brass and copper is well worth a look.

Using your radiator in the summer.

Bathroom Summer WarmingMany people find it inconvenient that they can’t dry their towels with the use of the bathroom towel warmer as it runs off the house central heating. Many bathroom radiators can be fitted with dual energy heating options that can be switched on to provide heat to the bathroom radiator while the rest of the house’s central heating is switched off during the summer months. The heating elements are available with various different options. The most basic being switch via a standard switched fused spur so the radiator is manually switched on and off as required. The more sophisticated options work on a timer and can be controlled wirelessly through your smart home.


Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Bathroom Underfloor HeatingAnother heating option for a bathroom is to install underfloor heating. This will essentially reduce the amount of BTU’s you would need to obtain from the towel radiators. This means there could be more thought into the design of a towel radiator rather than the size or finish. The main types of underfloor heating are the loose wire heaters and warmup mat systems. The wire systems are built up of a very thin wire which is double insulated, creating a flexible and ideal system that can be fitted easier and quicker even in irregular shaped areas. The mat system is rolled out across the floor, underneath tiling or flooring. This is the ideal solution for using under tiled floors to take the chill off the tiles. It’s great for a cold winter’s morning, getting up and having the warm feeling under your feet as you walk into your bathroom to start your day.


If you’re looking for more information on bathroom heating or designer radiators come and see us at our Leeds showroom to take a look at the products we have on offer or view our showcase video.