A name synonymous with cutting edge designs, ecologically sustainable manufacturing processes and a large portfolio of iconic finishes and styles. From modern industrial chic, to timeless Statuario marble and traditional patterns.

Using state of the art technology in their three Spanish factories, Grespania supply tiles internationally and truly have an international scope.

It is easy to see why Grespania have been at the heart of the tile industry for over 45 years.

Grespania’s portfolio is so vast it would be hard to condense into one blog post, we have selected some of the most popular or noteworthy ranges to highlight here.




Inspired by hewn slate, the Annapurna range from Grespania is designed to create a natural ambiance in any room. The high quality offered allows you to appreciate the intricate lines and structure of the slate, without worrying about the degradation inherent to a natural product.

The Annapurna range is perfect for both modern & traditional bathrooms. Offered in three colours, Annapurna can act as either the canvas that allows your bathroom good to steal the show – or used intelligently it can carry a room itself.





When we think of luxury, we imagine marble. When we desire opulence, it is marble we seek out. When we hunt for splendour and grandeur it is Corinto we find. The beauty inherent to the veining and its refined design ensure Corinto is ever popular amongst people seeking the highest levels of decadence. Its rich brown tones, contrasted to the sharpness of the gold, create depth & drama.

Fully capable of carrying the aesthetic of a room, Corinto acts as an elegant canvas for your bathroom masterpiece.



White & Co


Whites & Co

The intricate delicacy of the designs showcased by the Whites & Co range illustrate that sometimes white can be the ultimate contrast. Each tile features a mesmerising pattern that allows your room to remain light, but also adds a focal point.

A direct result of Grespania’s investment in modern technology and methods, many of the designs work with light to create an ever-changing visage that can subtly alter through shadow and perspective.





Marmorea Marquina


Marmorea Marquina

Marmorea Marquina is from the marble family. Think Italian black gloss base with hints of gold and white winding through. The Marmorea Marquina acts as a showstopper in any space with its subtle roots and its deep finish. There is mystery in the mix evoking a theatrical facade.

This tile communicates an individualism that is daring and bold but sure to make a statement. The deep and dominant dark base softened with the warming tones that gently magnifies and exemplifies the detail.