At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell. You won’t find us selling hundreds of different brands, claiming to be the biggest showroom in Yorkshire or that we’re the cheapest. What you will find us doing is having a great range of products from brands we have hand picked based on quality and inspirational design. A team of staff that love these products and love sharing their knowledge with you, who will assist you in creating a bathroom that exceeds your requirements.

Geberit meets all the criteria we look for when choosing a brand to display in our showroom. It inspirational and the company ethos of design meets function is embodied in everything they do. Find out more about why we love Geberit and come and visit our Geberit displays in Leeds.



Geberit was founded in 1874 by Caspar Melchior Albert Geberit. Through the 150 years of experience Geberit have now become the European market leader in the field of sanitary products. Based in Switzerland, the headquarters looks over sales offices in over 40 countries and 30 production sites worldwide. As a company Geberit are committed to providing customers with innovative, sustainable and durable products of the highest quality. The products from Geberit are perfectly balanced between design and outstanding function which are easy to clean, easy to use and provide increased comfort.



Geberit have developed and introduced KeraTect for ceramics, a glaze that creates a smooth surface and optimal hygiene with ease of cleaning. The KeraTect glaze is applied in addition to the standard ceramic glaze which fuses them together permanently, creating an incredibly smooth surface.

Geberit Innovation

Another great feature from Geberit is the furniture storage. Geberit furniture creates commodious features but opens the room with its innovative design. Geberit bathroom furniture is produced using high quality, moisture resistant wood-based panels and medium density fibreboard which prevents moisture damage.

Geberit specialise in the finer, clever details when it comes to their products such as the well positioned profile handles and push to open draws making the furniture a perfect product of function and design. The smart arrangements of components, draws and storage space creates a space enhanced look and bring the bathroom to life with soft lighting.


Bathroom Collection


Geberit Citterio

The Geberit Citterio range is the prefect balance of modern and timeless design. Created by a renowned Italian Designer Antonio Citterio, this range features some of the most elegant but simple attributes. Its unusual sanitary ware reflects the brilliance in spacious design providing symmetrical lines and seamlessly incorporated ceramic wastes that completes the designers look.

The Geberit Citterio range specialises in round, flowing shapes combined with functional and spacious furniture creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. The Shape and design of the Citterio sanitary ware gives an almost natural feel to the bathroom as the curved, soft looking ceramics which brings the room together. Its interplay of glass and wood projects the modern aesthetic of the Citterio  design, this combined with the quality of the ceramics and other characteristics really pushes this range to excel.



The Geberit Xeno2Xeno2 Range from Geberit is completely different in style in comparison to the Citterio range. The intelligent design of the minimalist, clear geometric outer lines are then complimented by the soft curved ceramics. This range creates the impression or a more modern style furniture with simple attributes combined with a natural ceramic look that incorporates the flow of water.

The word that would be used to describe the Xeno2 range is pure contrast. The convenient function of the push to open draws allows the furniture to become more sleek, modernised and functional. The integrated LED lighting in the washbasin cabinets and LED Illuminated mirror elements compliment the space provided by the narrow, exceptional furniture range. The glass coverings provide surface protection while displaying the perfect finish to the Xeno2 range and underlines the light weight appearance given by the designer.



Geberit Acanto

The Geberit Acanto range is a balanced medium between all the Geberit ranges. The focus of this range is to provide storage for the customers every need, with units in all different shapes ad sizes. A perk from the Acanto furniture is that Geberit offer shorter projection washbasin for challenging room layouts, with the furniture to match. They also offer the ceramic basin in a slim version which adds to the lightweight, sleek contoured design of the Acanto series.

The great thing about most of the Geberit ranges is that they are accessible. You can create a run of furniture as wide as you would like and with the clear lines from the glass fronts the furniture becomes almost seamless. Although the Acanto series looks compact and flawless, most of the storage is within the units. The internal draws/shelves are hidden behind the glass fronts, concealing the bathroom products and creating the perfect design.



Geberit Icon


The Icon range by Geberit reflects the user’s personality. Factoring in people tastes the Icon furniture is a flexible design that’s suits any style of bathroom. The coordinated units allow for design adjustments such as the double basin with draw units underneath and provides a combination of possibilities. These possibilities include the furniture, sanitary ware and mirror features which all run in symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. The diversity of the icon from the colours through to the modular furniture design forms various layouts to compliment the extravagant innovation. The horizontal illuminated mirror design matches the style of the icon furniture, this and the icon accessories really bring the collection together. The multiple, completely different colours and textures of the Icon Range benefit every layout and theme.




Geberit Smyle

The Smyle range has a more bright, different feel to it than any of the other Geberit ranges. Even though the Smyle range is one of the more affordable of the series, it has a lot to offer in terms of style, storage and quality. The Smyle washbasin comes with a double draw unit, focusing on storage over other features. The gentle round curved edges of the units and ceramics fit right along side the soft look of a modern bathroom.

The wall hung furniture issue extra storage but have an almost weightless appearance given from the curved exterior. The design of the ceramics and the furniture were made to really highlight each other and brighten up a bathroom suite with the lighter colour options.