Gadgets for your Perfect Bathroom

From Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms

Utopia Lustre illuminated Mirror Cabinet

Utopia Lustre Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

The Lustre Mirror Cabinet is packed with features and is the perfect for any modern style bathroom. This cabinet comes with internal glass shelves and mirrors which is illuminated by an overhead LED light and an under cabinet mood light with a sensor switch. One feature that stands out on this cabinet is the Bluetooth sound system which can be used for streaming music into your bathroom or even making calls whilst relaxing in the bath. This product is stylish, sleek and practical and comes in a range of finishes to suit your modernised bathroom.




Aquaclean Mera Comfort

Geberit Aquaclean Mera Comfort

The Aquaclean Mera Comfort as said by Geberit is a masterpiece of product and design. The features within this product are endless but all serve a practical and helpful purpose. One of the main features of the Mera Comfort is that it has multi gender wash settings with a rimless ceramic pan and turbo flush technology. A popular feature for this product is the touchless automatic Lid mechanism and heating system which triggers a sensor so that the WC activates ready for your arrival.  The most practical feature for the Aquaclean Mera comfort is the odour extraction which is perfect to add to the feel of a fresh, clean bathroom.

The design of this product is unlike any other, there is a warm air dryer feature that even covers the time keeping area as the user would no longer have to wait to dry. This attachment has power and temperature settings to suit your needs and can be pre-set on the control panel ready for the user’s arrival. All these attributes can be set up and controlled by a remote which is attached within reaching distance to the WC and is simply set out to use with easy adjustment settings. There is even an app which when downloaded to your mobile device can act as the remote control, what else would you ask for when looking to purchase a WC?


Aqualisa Q Edition Digital Shower

Aqualisa Q Edition

The Aqualisa Q Edition Digital Shower is their smartest yet. This exemplary product is setting the standards for the future as it delivers the ultimate personal shower experience. The design is made easy to use with intuitive menus and pre-programmed settings or you can create your own distinctive shower experience. This model comes in a range of different bezel finishes and is adjustable in every way which fits into any environment. one of the great features is when pre-programming the product, you can set a temperature setting to suit you ready for when you step into the shower.

Why not pair the Q Edition with the Aqualisa Options Round Flush Fit LED Metal Head, when both combined creates a whole new shower experience which would be hard to match.

C – Lenda Whirlpool System by Carron 

Carron C-lenda WhirlpoolThe C- Lenda Whirlpool System is the new modernised style with upcoming technology which provides and combines comfort, safety and exceptional performance. This system made from high grade stainless steel and is fitted with a Carron Bath which is already of impressive quality and offers great comfort. With added Whirlpool Jets means that this product becomes a new unforgettable relaxing experience which is just what’s needed after a long day at work.

The Hydrotherapy is the height of relaxation when the pressure of the constant heated water is directly transferred to the body. This stimulates the blood vessels and encourages them to open which pushes a larger amount of oxygen filled blood cells to the limit. Another feature from this process is the effect it has on the nerve endings, this acts as a numbing sensation when the heat is transferred straight to the body. The quality of the product itself and experience of the hydrotherapy creates the right balance of comfort and muscular pain relief, reducing discomfort built up from the day.

Geberit Monolith Plus for Wall Hung WC

This wonderful Piece of tech designed by Geberit is a perfect and is a personal requirement for your bathroom if the idea is for a clean and hygienic wash space. This artistic design gets rid of the bulky classic cistern look and replaces it with smooth, lustrous model that’s blends in to virtually any environment and comes in a range of 4 stunning colours on a glass back frame. A great visual feature on this product is the LED mood lighting which switches its self on as someone approaches the Monolith Plus and comes in 7 different colours. this soft lighting attachment provides a calm atmosphere to the bathroom and again can blend in matching other mood lighting such as niche lights, under bath lights, mirror lights and under cabinet lighting.

The main attribute that stands out on the Monolith Plus is the Odour Extraction which is powered with a sensor that detects and activates as soon as a person sits down on the WC. This feature is filtered with an exceptionally quiet fan with an efficient air filtration system that flows directly into the WC ceramic appliance. One of the best and fair things about the Geberit Monolith is that it can be fitted with WC appliance and it can be fitted with the Geberit Aquaclean.



Warmup Mat System/Underfloor Heating

Warmup 4ie

Underfloor heating is the perfect gadget that is essential when planning for your own customized bathroom. One of the great perks of having underfloor heating is that it fits in with any style and era from modern to traditional or in between. One of the most important features for the Warm up Mat system is the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat which can be controlled from a smart phone, tablet or computer. This system is more efficient as it suggests ways for you to save energy and can save up to £200 on the average UK energy bill by suggesting what temperature to set for when you’re not home and automatic settings for on and off control.