How to Make an Easy to Clean Bathroom

Everybody loves the satisfaction of having an easy to clean bathroom that looks the part! In the bathroom industry we are always looking for ways to make a bathroom more of an easy to clean area. When it comes to cleaning in the bathroom the main area that is usually focused on is tiles and cleaning tiles after showering or in general can sometimes be a chore. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we take pride in putting a unique spin on most of our designs, creating something different for the customer and most importantly easy to clean.


Easy to clean bathroom wallsEasy Clean Bathroom Walls

As one of the main issues is tiles when it comes to cleaning in a bathroom an option that not only has easy to clean surfaces but can switch up the design and create some contrast is to have wall panelling. This could be in the shower area, a feature wall or even the entire bathroom. These low maintenance panels can match any style and design of a bathroom and just need wiping down after a shower or when cleaning rather than having to get into all the grooves. Another more luxurious option is our range of Coverlam products that are thin large format porcelain tiles.


Wall Hung BathroomsEasy Clean Toilets and Basins

Another way of creating an easy to clean bathroom is knowing the type of furniture to choose. For example, when choosing the WC, it is more advisable to go for a back to the wall or a wall hung toilet. This is because there is no exposed cistern or hard to reach areas behind the WC where dirt and dust builds up. When choosing other furniture units for the bathroom it would be best to stick to the wall hung theme as this provides an easy to clean space around the bathroom that looks and feels minimal.


Laufen Clean CoatNon-stick coatings

Without getting into too much toilet talk. One of our top manufacturers Laufen have developed and finish called Clean Coat. Grime, Limescale and Bacteria will rinse away with running water with these products. This takes the effort out of cleaning is better for the environment due to there being less need for aggressive cleaning products.




Handheld ShowersHandheld Showers

Don’t forget the need for handheld showers you may prefer to use a rain shower head or don’t use one with a bath. However, don’t forget about the cleaning a bath or shower is much easier to clean with the use of a handheld shower.



Coverlam Quirinal

Wipe Clean Walls and Floor

Although painted walls allow you to change the look of your bathroom when you chose it’s not necessarily the easy clean option. Going for fully tiled or wall panels is the most definitely the easy to maintain and easy clean option. Don’t forget about the floor either go for tiles, vinyl or Karndean do the flooring can be easily cleaned of those little spillages. Please leave the bathroom carpets where they belong in the eighties.