At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we’re avid believers that any size of bathroom can be made beautiful. Whether you’ve been blessed with a ton of extra space or your small bathroom is no bigger than fun size, our savvy design team will not only ensure your design looks sensational but that it maximises what space you have available too.

From using clever layout tricks to playing on a bold colour palette, here’s how Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms can help you design a functional yet beautiful small bathroom.     

Layout and functionality

When it comes to designing the layout of your small bathroom, start by thinking about your main objectives before looking at any style based decisions. What is it you need and want out of your small bathroom? How will you be using it the most? By spending a bit of time thinking about your furniture placement first, your design will start to flow and quickly come together. Floating furniture such as basins and vanities work really well in smaller bathrooms. Helping to free up lots of much-needed room, they also work to make the space look and feel heaps bigger. Likewise, rounded units are a great idea for tight spaces and will avoid any incidents caused by bumping into sharp corners.  

The design scheme

Now for the fun part – putting your stamp on your new small bathroom. There are many clever design tricks that will make your small bathroom feel roomier than it is. One great tip, in particular, is using the same style of tiles for both the walls and the floor. This will work to trick the eye and double the appearance of space in your small bathroom. Another trick is to actually distract from the size by introducing a pop of colour into an otherwise all-white bathroom suite. Packed with character, a splash of colour will avoid your small bathroom looking stark, it’s also just enough and won’t take away from the spacious and airy feel you’re aiming to create.   

Consider small bathroom lighting

Never underestimate the power of well-placed bathroom lighting. The key here is to fully illuminate the space but without overpowering your small bathroom and making it feel even tinier. In addition to the main ceiling lights, subtle undercabinet lighting will add the wow factor and an illuminated vanity will also remove any unwanted shadows from around the mirror area. We recently explored beautiful bathroom lighting in one of our other blog posts, why not have a read of this here. Mirrors are also a great move for reflecting light and creating the impression of more space. Check out this HIB steam free model for instance.     

Transforming your small bathroom

We thoroughly hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog post; how to design the perfect small bathroom. Of course, not everyone has the time or the expertise to take on such a project by themselves and so if you’d like to discuss any of the ideas featured in this handy guide, we would love to speak further.  

When it comes to a Doug Cleghorn small bathroom, modest in size is most definitely still beautiful and in our East Leeds showroom, there is a ton of style inspiration yet to be had. 


Small bathroom design by Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms

Small bathroom design by Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms. Image source: Verona Group