How to design an amazing bathroom?

Everyone dreams of their perfect bathroom but most of us are restricted by the existing space. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we will make your dream bathroom a reality!. By understanding your wants and needs using our design service. We take into account every aspect of your requirements. One of the most challenging obstacles when designing a bathroom is working within the existing space.

Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom usually means less storage space, not as much natural light that creates restrictions on the products that can be used and can prevent having the luxury of having a separate bath and shower. Having a large bathroom can also prove difficult as product placement can be more challenging, providing access to each but keeping in mind the pipe restrictions for the WC & bath.

Bright,open bathroom with modern furniture and free standing bath


Depending on the type and style of your dream bathroom. Product placement can play an important part. Such as the bath and shower as they can be more of an ultra-modern look, like having a free-standing bath & wet room shower that are at opposite ends of the room. This creates space and access to all aspects of the bathroom keeping the sleek look, especially with great lighting.

Large double ended built in bath with connected walk in style shower & concealed shower unit

Space Saving Bath and Shower

Or it could be where a built-in bath is connected to a half or full height wall that is designed to separate from the shower, saving space but keeping that modern look. This can be done in many different designs to suit all styles and layouts as some can be restricted for space. By doing this it creates space for storage in other areas of the bathroom and creates a show piece of a bath and shower built in together.

Light bathroom with white tiles and matt black brassware


Lighting is key when creating an aesthetically stunning bathroom. Amazing bathrooms can still look dull without good lighting, creating the right ambience and reflections can really empower the look. A great thing about lighting is that you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve the right look. It’s one of the easiest ways to transform the image of a bathroom to increase the standard of its appearance by using the shadows, natural light combined with clever mood lighting. There are a lot of different types of lighting in bathrooms making it hard sometimes to get the right one for your bathroom.

Dark tiled bathroom with wood effect tiles and warm mood lighting


The product finishes come into play as well as the tile colour, brassware finish and all accessories which does change quite a bit when under different lighting. Using natural light works better when designing a lighter bathroom as it gives it that soft, relaxing look. This means that you probably wouldn’t have to use that much mood lighting as the light colours will reflect the natural light well, emphasising the bathrooms shapes. Whereas a darker bathroom with darker tiles and product finishes will require clever mood lighting to improve the overall look of the bathroom.

Free standing bath with floor standing matt black bath mixer and recess


A lot of great bathrooms include a showpiece that really stands out. This could be any product within the bathroom whether it’s the bath, shower basin or even the WC. A centerpieces in a bathroom is that stand out item that is really visually pleasing. Think of a free-standing bath which is a great option as a stylish free-standing bath in the right environment can look amazing. Although a more practical bath is usually the case when designing bathrooms, a bit of sophistication can be added by installing a spa style bath.

walk in shower with built out half height wall and hinged shower screen

Add a shower

As trends having been changing through out the years showers have played a bigger part in bathroom designs. A lot more people are preferring showers instead of baths, taking baths out of their bathroom and replacing them with a large walk in shower. This can also add value to the house as it creates a more aesthetically pleasing look for future buyers.

open wet room shower with slate effect tiles and recessed bench

Bathroom Use

Designing an amazing bathroom depends on what type of bathroom it is that you’re designing. Whether it’s a master bathroom, family bathroom, shower room or cloakroom each have a different and unique purpose which require different styles of design. For example, a shower room is solely dedicated to just having a shower and usually entails a walk-in wet room area with a concealed shower unit & head.

family bathroom with l shaped shower bath and floor standing basin unit

A Master bathroom will usually include all the bathroom products with a separate shower and bath, lots of storage and a large basin with storage. A family bathroom will focus on the bath as it is designed for the use of a family, in most cases shower baths are used for a more practical approach rather than the look. This is also usually due to working with space, as family bathrooms require more storage or a larger bath the designer must take into account product placement and layouts.