Coverlam Large Format Tiles for your designer bathroom.


Coverlam from Grespania is a large format thin tile that is the result of years of research. The introduction of laminating pressing technology has resulted in the ability to create large format tiles that can  be as large as 3.6 metres x 1.2 metres and as thin as 3.5mm thick. They still have the same properties and aesthetics as porcelain tiles. This widens the scope of porcelain tiles and has given us greater potential for innovation in interior design.

There are huge benefits to using a product such as Coverlam and it is suitable to be used for various applications. You will find it used in various different environments around the home. It can be used for wall and floor tiling in bathrooms, kitchen worktops, splash backs, building cladding, bespoke furniture and used as a cladding for doors.



One of the major benefits of using Coverlam over your standard porcelain tiles is the large formats. In a bathroom application this means a reduced number of grout lines making the bathroom easier to clean, it is also light weight so can be used to carry out a partial refurbishment in an area such as the shower. The reduced grout lines also means that there is less risk of leaking over time due to deterioration of the grout. When compared to the more traditional laminated shower boards that are currently used such as Nuance or Mermaid Board; Coverlam is much harder wearing, looks more aesthetically pleasing and matching standard sized tiles are available. As a floor tile it again has the benefit of little or no grout lines but also means that the floor is not raised as high as it would be when using a standard porcelain tile. Used as a cladding for buildings as well as being hard wearing it is also energy saving. Coverlam can reduce energy consumption between 15 & 35% in terms of heat retention and air conditioning.

The advantages of Coverlam are as follows:

Frost Resistant – Resistant to Checmicals – Fire & Heat Resistant – Impact Resistant – Resistant to Wear Tear – Stain Resistant – UV Resistant – High Bending Strength – Environmentally Friendly 



Coverlam requires specialist installation and needs to be handled correctly to ensure it’s not damaged prior to installed. This installation process also ensures you have the perfect finish and your Coverlam will last for years to come. At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we are approved installers and you can find out more here.



Coverlam has a variety of over 25 different finishes available in a variety of the following size

22X30MM, 1000X1000MM, 1000X3000MM, 1000X500MM, 1200X1200MM, 1200X2600MM, 1200X3600MM, 195X1800MM, 200X1500MM, 600X1200MM

The availability of such a variation of sizes and finished is what makes Coverlam so versatile and is available in the below finishes:

Coverlam Ranges