Can you tile over tiles?

In short yes you can but you have to be very careful the tiles you are tiling over are on securely also that the plaster is secure.

Would I tile over tiles?

No I wouldn’t. I’ve heard horror stories of full walls of tiles, both layers and the plaster coming off during the night. In the nineties it is something we would do when requested by a customer, but once we heard of this happening we stopped the practice immediately. Even when the customers were adamant they wanted it done. I’d rather walk away from the job than take the risk.

Can You tile over tiles

So when I’m asked Can you tile over tiles?

I say you can but we won’t.

The reasons for not tiling over tiles are as follows:

  1. Risk of whole wall of tiles coming off.
  2. It brings the wall out so usually architrave will need replacing.
  3. The next person that does the bathroom will have twice as much work.
  4. Doing it properly by taking the tiles off and getting the walls prepared for re-tiling, guarantees a good finish and a long lasting bathroom.

The reasons for doing it are as follows:

  1. Save money.
  2. Reduce work.
  3. Save time.

So it’s for you to decide but for me I’d take the tiles off every time. I certainly wouldn’t do a bathroom and tiler over tiles.

To me it’s about doing the job right, not cutting corners and continually learning. Just because it has been done in the past it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn and adjust our methods to continually improve our standards of work. This is what being a craftsman is all about.
Good luck hopefully you’ll make the right decision.
Doug Cleghorn