Black bathrooms the new luxury look in bathrooms.

Black bathroom fixtures and fittings first starting making an appearance in New York in 2016 in the luxury multi-million dollar apartments. This trend has now made it’s way across the pond and bathroom brass-ware and shower enclosure manufacturers are scrambling to catch up. As always it tends to be lower quality products that are first to market as they tend not to have to worry about offering longer guarantees.

We’ve been keeping a careful eye on some of the major brands and when they will be bringing out their ranges of matt black bathroom fixtures and fittings. Here is a run down of the good quality black bathroom products we’ve been waiting for and when we’re expecting them to be available.

Black Bathroom Taps

Vado Taps are expected to release their black bathroom tap range in early 2019. They will be releasing a black version of their Edit range of taps that will come with the 12 year guarantee that we have come to expect from Vado. This will definitely tick the box of a good quality black bathroom tap being available with an excellent guarantee to go with it.


Black Shower Enclosures and Bath screens.

There are three manufacturers of shower enclosures and bath screens that meet our seal of approval when it comes to quality that are now offering black shower enclosures and bath screens. Top of our list is Matki with their Matki oneĀ wet room screens some serious thought has gone into this design to ensure the ease of cleaning with the black being inside the glass so you still have a smooth surface that is quick to clean. Next inline with their black ranges are Kudos and Merlyn all of which are trusted favorites of ours.

Black Bathroom Accessories

The final items required if you’re looking to use black fixtures and fittings in your bathroom are your accessories. Well we turn to Vado again for this who are offering a black version of their Spa Accessories. This will give you a full selection of black accessories including black grab rails.