Is it about time bidets make a comeback?

If I told you I was going to wash my car with dry paper you’d think I’d gone crazy. So why is it that we use paper on one of the most delicate parts of our body?.

The use of paper to clean ourselves dates back as far the Chinese Song Dynasty of 1391 with toilet paper being made commercially available in 1857. We wash our hands with water so why do we still use paper to clean our rear?. Wet wipes have started to be used more at the frustration of the water companies not to mention them not being the most environmentally friendly product.

Is it the British stiff upper lip that has stopped us following in the footsteps of some the more forward thinking countries?

Maybe so.

Bidets became popular in the eighties but didn’t last long. Most countries still use them and are moving forward by installing the latest technology in bidets which are now becoming known as shower toilets. It is very rare we sell a bidet to a customer that comes into our showroom and sales are definitely down substantially compared to the eighties. From speaking to customers after they have stopped blushing it tends to be due to bathrooms being smaller or having to choose between a separate shower due to space. The separate shower wins almost every time. When we give them the idea of installing a bidet toilet it is normally met with laughter. However when we invite them to use one, it is frequently becoming the must have item for their new bathroom.


Why should I clean myself with water over paper?

Using water to wash is the most natural way to keep clean. Imagine cleaning ourselves with paper instead of bathing or cleaning dishes by rubbing them with a cloth. Water is unbeatable when it comes to having good hygiene and well being. Water cleans more thoroughly, does not leave behind traces, is gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling fresh afterwards.  This makes it all the more astonishing that we are content to clean ourselves with toilet paper every time we use the toilet.


What is a bidet toilet?

A bidet toilet or shower toilet as they are becoming known are essentially a toilet with a water supply for washing your derriere. The bidet toilet comes in many forms but it is basically a toilet that has a built in bidet tap. In its most basic form it is a toilet with with a douche  next to the toilet which we supply from Vado or a shower toilet such as the Aquaclean from Geberit with them having the following options available depending on the ranges:

  • Body temperature water systems.
  • Built in dryer.
  • Air purifier.
  • Heated seat.
  • Automatic seat.


Environmentally Friendly

Conventional toilets, taking into the account the use of toilet paper, are not the most environmentally friendly toilet systems on the market. When you consider the energy required to produce toilet paper, processing in the sewage plants etc, it makes you realise how much better it is for the environment to wash instead of wipe.


If you’re interested in finding out more about the bidet toilets why not get in touch or take a look and some available to buy online.