Bathroom Trends 2020

Bathroom trends tend to change every year. Keeping up with these trends can become quite difficult and we’re always trying to stay one step ahead. 2019 saw wood tiles and black taps making a strong appearance towards the back end we started to see the appearance of some trends that are our top tips for 2020. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we design bathrooms that last at least 25 years plus. One of the main factors when creating a bathroom that will last such a long time is to incorporate features of a trend with a neutral background that can be changed or can be adapted to each new trend.

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Look

Going into 2020 one of the main bathroom trends that will thrive is the minimalist look. This trend is perfect for any bathroom style whether it’s traditional or modern, it creates a clean look especially when dealing with light colours. Although recently a lot of people require more storage in bathrooms you can combine storage ideas with a minimalist look to still create that more relaxed, stress free environment. A great thing about this trend is that it is quite simple to achieve by using wall mounted furniture, an open walk in shower and remembering to accessorise regularly. Larger scale tiles and rustic wood effect floors will often create the feel of minimalism within your bathroom suite a long side freestanding baths, wetrooms and floor space.

Clever Bathroom Lighting

Clever Lighting

Clever lighting can completely change the way that your bathroom looks. Some people are quite happy with the idea of standard natural light in their bathrooms which is the best type of lighting to achieve a natural look. A lot of people don’t have natural light in their bathroom which allows them the opportunity to create a mood lit environment by housing clever lighting around their bathroom. Ways to do this are to put lighting underneath furniture where that wall hung or fitted floor standing, bath under lighting and lighting within recesses in the walls or even in the ceiling. All of these you can match to your illuminated mirror or even to shower lighting, creating an ambient style bathroom and really projects each product.

Neutral Bathroom

Staying Neutral

After so much drama in 2019 it’s time to sit back relax and stay neutral. It’s always en-trend to have a classic bathroom that works for years to come. Keeping the feeling modern with monochromatic elements throughout means that you can keep your bathroom neutral while still making it feel special. Contemporary designs make big use of neutral colours and homeowners are falling in love, especially with nude neutrals such as grey and cream. One of our most popular neutral tiles is our Rainstone range that comes in a choice of grey or bones.

Book match tiles

Geometric/Book matching Style

Geometric tiling has made a comeback in 2019. It will be one of the trends to kick off the year in 2020 as it is a style that fits with any theme, it is also a great feature piece for modern and traditional. What seems to be a new look is faded geometric tiles which are included in a more modern bathroom. it almost creates a rustic feel and goes well with rustic wood effect tiles which when put together work well in both a traditional and modern environment.

If you wanted to achieve an easy to clean look in your dream bathroom then book matching would be one of the ways to do it. Using a more modern way to tile your bathroom which is called Coverlam, creating easy to clean tiled walls has never been easier. Coverlam are thinner tiles which come in large sheets, allowing more space to be covered with less grout and you are then able to book match the tiles around the room.