Bathroom Storage Ideas from the Experts

A key feature when planning for the perfect bathroom is to include storage. The great thing when designing most bathrooms is that storage can be created in many ways such as clever hidden storage, exposed or integrated. With modern houses being smaller clever storage is essential in the modern home whether it’s pull out drawers in the stairs or under bed storage. The bathroom is no exception and when we’re designing them for our customers we’re always on the look out for clever ways we can include storage. Here are some tips from our bathroom experts.


Hidden Storage

Recessed Cabinet Storage Idea


Hidden storage is a great way to furnish an easy to clean bathroom and can be placed in any area when incorporated in the design. A great hidden storage feature is to have a recessed mirror cabinet, this when placed in the wall acts as a normal mirror but includes hidden storage. A similar idea to this is to recess a storage cabinet or tall cabinet into a built-out wall, creating an easy to clean hidden unit. This keeps the room looking sleek and is a real contemporary feature.


Exposed Storage

Bathroom Storage IdeasOne of the more popular and easier options is to go for exposed storage in a bathroom as it does not require any extra work to conceal. Some of the lower value storage options for bathrooms are units that fit around basin pedestals or your more standard medicine cabinets. Even exposed storage in a bathroom can be placed cleverly to fit in with a unique design or modern style. If you prefer a lot more storage in a bathroom the better option would be to go for fitted furniture. As this method is completely accessible and adjustable you can create storage areas as large as you wish. This could be from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, providing more than enough space in your bathroom to store everything you need. Many luxury bathroom companies such as ourselves offer made to order bathroom furniture so every aspect of the furniture can be customised and sized to fit perfectly in the space required.



Bathroom recessesAnother great bathroom storage idea is to create recesses into stud walls. These can be placed anywhere in the bathroom providing the wall is suitable and can act as shelves for products in the shower or for spare toilet rolls next to the WC. The great thing about having recesses is that you can tile them to match the rest of the bathroom or even make them stand out as a show piece with lighting and feature tiling. Another great idea is edge them with granite or quartz to make them easy to wipe clean from spillages of shampoo and shower gels.


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