A pile of towels here, an array of bottles there, there’s nothing worse than too much clutter that makes your head spin. According to beautiful home blog, The Spruce, clutter can have a massive impact on our health but getting organised will actually help to improve our daily routines and is guaranteed to make our lives so much better. With the bathroom also being one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we think it’s high time bathroom organisation got even savvier.

From cleverly placed shelving to effective drawer dividers, here are our 5 storage tips for the ultimate in bathroom organisation.   

Out with the old

First and foremost, a de-clutter is a must and absolutely essential for keeping your bathroom nice and tidy in the long-run. Focus on what is in your current storage, are there any items that haven’t been used in a while? If so, it’s time to get ruthless. Also, think about any old and out of date products (you’d be surprised) as these will need to go too. You can leave everyday essentials out on the worktop, however, such as toothpaste, soap and toothbrushes.     

Cupboards and Cabinets

Bring order to your new bathroom with attractive storage cabinets. Giving a real designer look, our Utopia i-Line furniture range presents maximum storage for the bathroom whilst dramatically saving on space. One of our recent projects actually featured storage from this particular range and our customer was entirely delighted with the finished result. With its clean lines and simple design, this option of bathroom furniture is a great choice and also one that would suit many different tastes.    

Clever Shelving

Forget about traditional shelves for the minute. Now, it’s all about clever shelving and the different ways you can maximise the space for even better bathroom organisation. Try a hidden shelf above your bathroom door for instance. Alternatively, ladder shelving that is positioned just above the toilet will make a really stylish focal point and create plenty of room for showcasing those decorative bathroom pieces. Another great way to include clever shelving in your new bathroom is with recessed ledges in the walls and tiles. Handy for grabbing the shampoo whilst you’re taking a shower, mood-lights can even be installed above your recessed shelving for that added level of luxury.    

Basin Vanity Units

A basin vanity unit will allow for plenty of extra storage space in your new bathroom. Providing a place to get ready for the day ahead, a vanity unit will also keep any bathroom necessities hidden away once you’re done. We actually used a Laufen Palace basin vanity unit in one of our recent projects and this gave our customer lots of much-needed storage for cleaning products and drawers for bathroom nick-nacks.      

Bathroom drawer dividers  

We use drawer dividers in our kitchens so why not in our bathrooms? Perfect for life’s bits and bats, toothpicks and cotton buds, you need never find a random bobby pin again with handy drawer dividers that give perfect bathroom organisation.


Realise excellent bathroom organisation

Realise excellent bathroom organisation with the Utopia furniture range, available from Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms

Doug Cleghorn for great bathroom organisation

So, there we have it. We hope you have enjoyed reading our latest blog: 5 storage tips for great bathroom organisation. If you wish to discuss any of the tips mentioned in this post, we are more than happy to have a chat with you. Whether you need one, two or all of the storage ideas mentioned in this post, our creative team are on hand to offer their space-saving advice, no matter what stage you’re at with your project.  

Give must-have items somewhere to live, think Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms for the ultimate in bathroom organisation.