Great Bathroom Storage Ideas

When planning and designing your new bathroom, or modifying your existing bathroom, bathroom storage is an important factor to consider. No one wants a beautiful new bathroom only to end up with clutter everywhere because storage wasn’t considered at the design stage.

You may have implemented niches into your design to hold your beautifully bottled bubbles that will take pride of place for all visitors to see, however what about that shaving cream and razor that are any every day necessity but are absolutely not something to have on display.

There are various different types of bathroom storage that can look fantastic but also serve a very important purpose. From vanity units to mirrored cabinets, and hidden laundry baskets to magnet boards, the world is your oyster when choosing your must have bathroom storage solutions.

When considering your bathroom storage needs, envision yourself using your bathroom and determine what items you need access to on a regular basis from your towels to your toothbrush. Once you have determined this, think about how and where you would like to store them whilst maximising the space within your bathroom.

Geberit Acanto Storage

Geberit Acanto

The Geberit Acanto range is beautifully designed and also meets the most diverse requirements. The Acanto range offers various different sizes of furniture including slim furniture that still offers lots of storage space even in the smallest of bathrooms.

Many pieces of the Acanto furniture range feature individual storage compartments inside the cabinets to store your everyday necessities. In addition to this, you can add magnet boards to the furniture which you can attach and position individual storage boxes. This gives you the freedom to place your cosmetics exactly where you need them and also to move them whenever you need to!

Geberit Smyle Storage

The Geberit Smyle

Geberit also offer the Smyle range which has a clear sense of order and efficient use of space, achieving a heightened level of convenience in your bathroom. The individual compartments within the drawers of the washbasin units are fantastic to store and access your everyday essentials. You can incorporate exposed shelves into various pieces of the Smyle furniture to store and feature your towels, spare toilet rolls or perfume bottles.

Vitra Sento Laundry Unit

Vitra Sento

The Vitra Sento range is a good addition to any bathroom as not only is the range stunning, it offers plenty of storage solutions. A personal favourite of mine is the Sento tall unit which features an integrated laundry basket, with shelved space above for your bathroom products.

Vitra Memoria Tall Storage

Vitra Memoria

Vitra also offer the Memoria tall unit which is divided into two horizontal cupboards offering space for items that take up volume such as your towels, however there is also a clever pull out section presenting storage shelves which are ideal to hold your bathroom essentials.

Aqualla Box Live

Bathroom Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are a great storage solution and they can also be built into the wall to free up even more space in the bathroom. Aqualla have a great range of mirrored cabinets that can store your essentials but the cabinets also offer features such as a demister pad, charging socket, internal magnifying mirror and Bluetooth technology to enable you to play music whilst you are grooming yourself! The mirrored cabinets contain a number of shelves to allow you to store your cosmetics away whilst providing easy access to them. The Aqualla Box Live mirrored cabinet offers all these great features whilst still being discreet at only 500mm wide.

We have plenty of different storage solutions on display at our showroom and our fantastic team of Bathroom Designers will be able to demonstrate the benefits of these to you.