When planning your dream bathroom keep these design tips in mind and you will be able to plan your perfect bathroom in no time at all. These tips will help you start the process of designing your new bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. These pointers give you a great starting point so you can then either use the services of a bathroom designer or have a go at designing your bathroom yourself.



Create a list of requirements for your new bathroom. Consider whether you require a bath, a shower or even both. Whether storage is important to you, whether you need the room to be easy to clean, and how long you want the bathroom to last. Once you have created this list rate them by importance. Sometimes you will need to compromise on some requirements to achieve others and it’s worth knowing what you’re willing to sacrifice before you start.


Do your research. Visit showrooms to get an understanding of the different styles available and the quality of products . Like with all retail outlets different companies sell different levels of quality. Bathrooms are no exception and you get what you pay for. Get an understanding of the quality available touch and feel the products. You can feel a distinct difference in the quality of products such as shower doors. The higher quality doors are a thicker glass and you can feel this in the mechanism and the way they open and close. However the quality of the products are only as good as the guarantees they come with. A lot of showrooms offer long guarantees however when you read the small print it doesn’t cover the moving parts, so read the small print to fully understand what you’re buying. The majority of taps and showers we supply come with a minimum of a 12 year guarantee that covers all the working parts.


Decide on the style of bathroom you are looking for. Spend some time looking at the style of bathroom you require. Use web sites such as Pinterest to create boards of different bathrooms you would like your new bathroom to look like. We also have a handy Case Study area where you can view completed projects that will give you inspiration for the various different options for your new room. There are loads of different styles available such as modern, traditional, industrial, and art deco so you’ll be able to find a style that meets your needs perfectly.


Come up with a colour pallet you want your bathroom to have. Grey is still the most popular choice at the moment so if you go for the grey pallet you will find a great selection available. Colour is starting to make a come back with some fantastic geometric tiles available. We always recommend going for neutral colours as most people tend to plan on their bathroom lasting anything from 20 years plus. So neutral colours allow you to accessories the bathroom with bold colours and when you get bored it’s really economical to replace towels etc to give the bathroom a fresh look. Another great design idea to consider is to partially tile the room and this will allow a wall to be painted with a feature colour that can be changed when you get bored.


Come up with a budget for the project of what you’re looking to spend and don’t be shy to share the information with the designers you will speak to when visiting showrooms. This is the question that we tend to ask every customer and you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that only around 50% provide an honest answer. People tend to think if they tell you a budget of £10,000 the value of the quote will be £9,999. If you’re worried about this check beforehand whether the quote is broken down before you divulge that information. A client’s budget is really import as information for our showroom staff as their goal is to put together the best quality bathroom for the money you have  available to spend. We always break down the quotes so you can see exactly where your money is going and as mentioned earlier we can prioritise items accordingly should you wish to reduce costs.


Floor Plan

Create a floor plan of the room to find a layout that works best for you. If you’re working on a tight budget it’s worth considering keeping the same layout to save on the cost of moving the plumbing around. The highest value item to move in a bathroom tends to be the toilet. Don’t just alter a layout for the sake of it. Ensure you’re going to get value from doing so. Other things to take into consideration when creating a floor plan are the location of the towel radiator making it within easy access of the basin and the bath or shower. The location of the toilet, if it will be an issue for you, as it’s the first thing you see when you enter the room.


Hire a Designer

Hire a bathroom designer to put together a set of 3D drawings and scale drawings for your new bathroom. Many companies offer a free design service however with most designs taking on average 8 hours, and professional software costing thousands to purchase, you’ve got to question whether you’ll get the best service, also these designers still need paying so it tends to be the accounted for in the costings for customers who end up purchasing from these companies. Most of the higher quality bathroom showrooms nowadays take a deposit for carrying out design work. We introduced this a number of years ago. It takes our designers a number of years to perfect their craft and due to their expertise, they quickly found their diary full when offering the service for free. The designs get rushed and their is no time to get the required level of detail into the designs. Introducing the deposit, which is credited against the value of the order when placed, allowed the designers to offer a better service to customers choosing to take this option. Of course you can still get quotations provided for free so you can make an informed decision on whether to take advantage of a design service or not. So, when considering hiring a designer, we would always recommend looking at designers, that as a minimum, take a deposit for their service, meaning you will get a designer with the necessary skills to create your perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Design