A Few Easy Steps to Maintaining a Clean Bathroom

With the current circumstances maintaining a clean bathroom is important. Bathrooms are areas that can build up lots of dirt if not kept on top of as water is frequently used. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture and steam which can affect certain tiles and furniture. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we are used to keeping bathrooms clean and tackling areas of dirt. It can sometimes be hard to keep on top of cleaning when the bathroom is frequently used especially at the moment when the whole family is at home all day. We have a few tips to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free.

Minimal Bathroom Layout


One of the most important steps to achieve a clean bathroom is to design an easy to clean bathroom with a minimal layout and minimal style products. This will make cleaning in the future a lot easier and make areas like the shower and floor easier to access. To do this you would need to create a wetroom environment for the shower area, the products would need to be wall hung off the floor which creates space for cleaning and the tiles would need to be large which means less grouting lines and less to clean.

Daily Wipe Down

The main step to keeping a bathroom clean is to always wipe down after use. This applies mostly to the shower area as when used it creates a lot of steam leaving moisture behind the perfect breeding ground for mildew. If the shower are and the tiles are wiped down and cleaned it will then prevent any build up of dirt or germs. It takes a couple of minutes a day but will keep your bathroom looking like new for years to come. The other areas to give a daily wipe down would be the basin and WC, the basin will have a lot of water marks and bathroom products built up one.e the surfaces so  a quick wipe down at least once a day will keep the bathroom looking sparkling.

More updated WC shapes are being released in the set of new trends which are becoming easier to clean and have clean lines with soft edges. This will add to effect of an easy to clean bathroom, making the cleaning process a lot easier and leaving minimal ares for dirt to hide.

Weekly Clean

As important as keeping on top of your bathroom daily. The weekly clean is also very important. Firstly make sure you’re using the right cleaners. Avoid using harsh acid based cleaners as these will damage the finishes on your bathroom. Bleach should only be used down the toilet however when you put it in the bowl leave the seat up until it is flushed away. Leaving the seat down with bleach in the pan is what causes toilet seats to go yellow. For your weekly clean it’s important to go over everything properly ensuring you clean any limescale and mildew up. Keeping on top of this once a week ensures keeping your bathroom clean is easy.

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Cleaning Products

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we have a range of cleaning products available for your bathroom that will keep it looking like new. Our recommended cleaning products are specifically designed to keep your bathroom looking new and will not damage the products. If you need any advice on what products are best to use please get in touch. You can view our full range of cleaning products here.