We’re nearing the end of 2017 we’ve seen a number of  bathroom trends over the past year. From elegant period style through to luxury wet rooms. We’ve taken a look at our top 3 2017 bathroom trends.


1. Period Bathrooms

Traditional Bathroom Trends 2017Period bathrooms have made a comeback recently with

the home owner looking to be in keeping with their period home.

With plenty of bathroom products available when it comes to

Victorian to Edwardian reproduction you’re spoilt for choice.

We’ve also seen a rise in art – deco style geometric patterns with

the traditional style metro tiles becoming increasingly popular.

We’d always recommend going for reproduction pieces for your

bathroom just because you’re going for a Victorian Style bathroom

doesn’t mean you should suffer the misfortune of Victorian Plumbing. Most period style bathroom

reproduction manufacturers such as Burlington now offer products with modern plumbing technology

such as toilets with Eco flushes and taps with ceramic cartridges.

2. Hotel Chic

Hotel Chic Bathroom Trends 2017With couples spending weekends away in luxury boutique hotels it’s

no wonder they want to replicate that look in their home. This trend

is great for quality bathroom brands such as Vado & Hansgrohe as

you nearly always find their products in these hotels due to their

reliability. The Hotel Chic bathroom trend nearly always starts with

a freestanding bath as a centre piece, the bathroom is then always

built around that with lighting used to create a relaxing warm mood.



3. Luxury Wet rooms

LuxuWet rooms Bathroom Trends 2017 ry wet rooms are really on-trend in 2017. With people having such busy

schedules it’s no wonder people tend to shower more than using the bath. This

has seen an increase in people looking for large luxurious showers which has

seen more people going for wet rooms. Gone are the days of the badly informed

plumber claiming they always leak as bathroom showrooms such as ourselves

have spent a lot of investment in educating them in how they should be installed

properly. Providing your plumber knows how to install a wet room properly they

will sing their praises all day long as the positives far out way the negatives as long

as the correct products are used. We’d always recommend going for a wet room system such as Aqua4ma or Impey

as they both come with lifetime guarantees.


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