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If you're looking for bathroom inspiration why not have a browse through our blog pages. Here you'll find some great bathroom ideas and some of our quality bathroom product recommendations. We love bathrooms and love to share our passion for bathrooms with you too.

Why we are the best place for new Bathrooms in Leeds. If you’re looking for bathrooms in Leeds and don’t know where to start then why not pay a visit to Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, Leeds Showroom. Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms started life as Doug Cleghorn Building Services in 1997. After spending 10 years specialising in bathrooms

Black shower enclosure

Black bathrooms the new luxury look in bathrooms. Black bathroom fixtures and fittings first starting making an appearance in New York in 2016 in the luxury multi-million dollar apartments. This trend has now made it’s way across the pond and bathroom brass-ware and shower enclosure manufacturers are scrambling to catch up. As always it tends

We’ve touched on this before previously but Wetherby is actually one of our most favourite places! Voted by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in 2018, the town is full to the brim with some of the most beautiful Georgian houses which in turn will also boast some amazing bathroom

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we regularly carry out luxury installations for bathrooms in Wetherby. One of our favourite market towns within the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, Wetherby is home to Ribston Hall, Sandringham Park and the Georgian Bath House which dates back to 1824. Wetherby’s stylish and upmarket town centre is also full of

If you’re looking to have a new bathroom fitted, you’re probably going to need a new shower too. Of course, not everyone is clued up when it comes to the different types of showers but at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we certainly have you covered. From a technical point of view and one easy way to

What is a Freestanding Bath? A freestanding bath is an up-to-date version of the traditional bathtub. Rather than being nestled into a corner of the bathroom, a freestanding bath is finished on all sides and able to stand alone. An increasingly popular feature in modern bathroom renovations, standalone baths are also designed to be self-supporting

A new way of showering, the wet room is one of the most sought after bathroom trends of modern interior design. An indulgent escape from the everyday pressures of life, wet rooms are also a novel take on the standard shower enclosure and add an element of luxury into the classic family bathroom. At Doug

If you haven’t done already, it’s time to get reacquainted with brass in luxury bathroom design. A metallic alloy made up of copper and zinc, brass has actually been about for around two thousand years or so but that doesn’t mean to say that this metal is old hat. One of the biggest material trends

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we’re avid believers that any size of bathroom can be made beautiful. Whether you’ve been blessed with a ton of extra space or your small bathroom is no bigger than fun size, our savvy design team will not only ensure your design looks sensational but that it maximises what space you

When it comes to fabulous bathroom design, bathroom tiles certainly have a huge role to play. No longer seen as a necessity that serves a functional purpose, these days bathroom tiles additionally need to be gorgeous too. They are also able to make or break a space and they provide the perfect backdrop to our

A pile of towels here, an array of bottles there, there’s nothing worse than too much clutter that makes your head spin. According to beautiful home blog, The Spruce, clutter can have a massive impact on our health but getting organised will actually help to improve our daily routines and is guaranteed to make our

As human beings, it is only natural that we constantly strive for the next best thing. From smartphones to heating controls and now even self-cleaning ovens and dog camera’s, the desire to make our lives easier through modern gadgets will only get stronger as technology advances. As one of the most used rooms in the

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, our adept team of designers are always mindful of the importance of well-thought-out bathroom lighting. Playing a key part in the interior design scheme of any room, successful bathroom lighting is all about mixing layers perfectly. Also able to take a room from drab to fab in an instant, don’t be

News just in! As a nation, we are spending more and more time in the bathroom. Over the course of their lifetime, it is estimated that the average person spends around 2 whole years in the bathroom. It is also the first place we start our day and the last place we finish it. If

Symmetrical, double the personal space and twice the convenience, there’s no doubt that his and hers sinks are a striking addition to any luxury bathroom design. The tempo of life has also increased and with modern couples now leading typically busier lives, they simply need access to the bathroom whether their partner is in there

Undertaking a major bathroom remodel can easily feel like a daunting task. Before you’ve even chosen your new bathroom suite, you’ll need to hire a team of professional workmen and make some crucial decisions about the new bathroom layout, plumbing, tiling, electrics and much more. From providing you with a luxurious and functional space to

Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms are thrilled to reveal that in June we will be taking part in the VADO Rally 2018! Our test is to road trip across Europe in just 4 days, taking us through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden with a final destination of Copenhagen in Denmark. The rules are very simple. Get

From neutral styles with organic undertones to bold accents and matt finishes, bathroom design has never felt so luxurious. At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Leeds we work with an array of stylish manufacturers, ensuring your new bathroom is in keeping with your taste and the current trends. With lifetime guarantees available including working parts, if you’re

Specialising in the luxury bathroom industry, at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Leeds, we have built a solid reputation for providing only the best in designer products alongside a customer focused, personal approach. Having carried out many superior bathroom refurbishments in the Leeds and Harrogate areas, here, we meet our remarkable team of Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Leeds.

It’s hard to believe that we have been in business for over 20 years and how far we have come as a company. It was all started by a tragic event where Doug Seniors wife and Doug Juniors Mother Eileen passed away from having cancer. Doug Senior was left with the arduous task of bringing

Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Christmas Sale Starts today with up to 25% off . We only have this sale once a year so don’t miss out. Grab yourself a bargain on top quality bathroom goods with up to 25% off.   Visit our Leeds Showroom to find out more about the discounts we’re giving on top quality

We’re nearing the end of 2017 we’ve seen a number of  bathroom trends over the past year. From elegant period style through to luxury wet rooms. We’ve taken a look at our top 3 2017 bathroom trends.   1. Period Bathrooms Period bathrooms have made a comeback recently with the home owner looking to be in

Make a splash with colour in your bathroom. With your new dream bathroom, you don’t have to be scared to make a splash with some exciting, stand-out colours for your new bathroom. If you want a vibrant, unique but stunning bathroom anyway…   This post is all about using different colours and how to use

Don’t be afraid to use black in your bathroom. We all know bathrooms are nearly always a place which is decorated light and made to have a very airy feel to it which is normally embedded with glossy white surfaces. Even if you’re considering adding colour, black rarely is a choice that would be considered. Even

Why should you choose to use utopia furniture? The Utopia Furniture is the UK’s leading manufacturer for bathrooms. They are reliable and have a large variety of products which are of high quality. So why not?  There large furniture range is all designed and produced in the UK and a full guarantee is provided on

Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Formoso Piccolo

If you’re looking for a new bathroom read our expert guide to help design the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.   Whatever your size of bathroom you’ll want to get the best for your money with your new bathroom. As a bathroom company we specialise in supplying only the very best quality products.  We’ve put a

Painted Freestanding Baths Painted freestanding baths are a great addition to any bathroom whether it’s a traditional or modern bathroom. It also allows you to match your bath with the colour scheme of  your bathroom. Alternatively it can be used to create a contrast. It can be done with cast iron, acrylic or stone resin

Can you tile over tiles? In short yes you can but you have to be very careful the tiles you are tiling over are on securely also that the plaster is secure. Would I tile over tiles? No I wouldn’t. I’ve heard horror stories of full walls of tiles, both layers and the plaster coming off

Quality Bathrooms It’s been nearly 4 years since I opened my first bathroom showroom with the ethos of only selling quality bathrooms which has been a great success. The reason behind setting up my own bathroom showroom was that I wanted to be able to take control of every stage of the process. I started

How much does a new bathroom cost? How much does a new bathroom cost? This is the number one question we get asked. It can be a catch 22 situation due to the fact that you can’t decide exactly what you want until you have established the cost, but you can’t get a quote until

Vado Taps Showers & Bathroom Accessories

Why choose Vado Taps? When advising customers on which brand taps, showers & accessories to choose. My answer is the same everytime Vado. Why pure and simple because of the guarantee it’s 12 years guarantee for all chrome products, 6 years for Digital showers and all other products 3 years. For further information visit Vado.

            With our history of installing bathrooms and my background in Plumbing for over 15 Years when I decided to open my own Showroom I only wanted to sell products that were quality and not fall into the trap of selling low priced rubbish that didn’t last. I wanted the

Building on the ancient Anatolian tradition of ceramic art, Vitra combines superior quality with innovative beauty to produces a premier brand of bathroom products. The highest care is taken with Vitra products to manufacture them at the greatest industrial standards. The products are designed to be robust and long lasting for the satisfaction of the

The Victorian era brought with it wholesome bathroom design changes especially for newest middle class homes; this led to the emergence of the famously known Victorian bathroom design. Indoor plumbing including drainage and water supply was introduced during this time for all new houses. Initially, water was heated on the kitchen stove and then carried

The Laufen Ilbagnoalessi One is one of my favourite Bathroom Design ranges. It was designed for Laufen by the Italian Design House Alessi who are world renowned for their Creativity.   The Ilbagnoalessi One was created by designer Stefano Giovannoni. Who got his inspiration from water smoothing a stone and can be seen throughout this design

With so many showrooms and so many more bathroom products. Knowing the difference between the various types can start to get a little confusing. Over the next few weeks we’re going to provide you with a brief guide to the various different types of product that are available. This post will cover the subject of baths. Baths come in various