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A Few Easy Steps to Maintaining a Clean Bathroom By The Experts 1
A Few Easy Steps to Maintaining a Clean Bathroom   With the current circumstances maintaining a clean bathroom is important. Bathrooms are areas that can build up lots of dirt if not kept on top of as water is frequently used. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture and steam which can affect certain tiles and
Should the bidet make a comeback
Why You Never Need To Buy Toilet Roll Again A hot topic this week has no doubt been the Coronavirus which has resulted in people panic buying various items including toilet roll. This behaviour has caused quite a divide in opinion amongst people and it really got us thinking here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms.  
Bathroom Storage Ideas
Great Bathroom Storage Ideas When planning and designing your new bathroom, or modifying your existing bathroom, bathroom storage is an important factor to consider. No one wants a beautiful new bathroom only to end up with clutter everywhere because storage wasn’t considered at the design stage. You may have implemented niches into your design to
Vitra Sento in Leeds
Vitra Sento Bathroom Collection We recently revamped some of our Showroom displays, and whenever we give the Showroom a makeover, it’s always very exciting because we get to view new products and ranges and use our creative flare to incorporate them all into a showstopper of a display. The Collection Vitra recently introduced various new
How To Accessorise Your Bathroom   You may be in the process of designing your dream bathroom, or you may already be enjoying a lovely warm shower in your stunning new bathroom. Either way, there is so much to think about along the way such as what tiles you’ll have, whether you will have a
Spacious Bathroom with modern modular furniture and wall hung WC
Layout & Space Options for Your Dream Bathroom   Creating space is one of the primary objectives when designing a bathroom. This can sometimes be made difficult by the space provided in your home and can result in a limited layout you might have to stick with. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and
Modern his & hers Bathroom with double wall hung basin and matt black accessories
Creating the Perfect His & Her Bathroom   A bathroom can be quite challenging designing on your own, but you still have an exact idea of your dream bathroom. So, designing one together with a partner can be even more complicated as each person knows what they want and likes their own space. His &
MyDay by Geberit
MyDay by Geberit The new MyDay range by Geberit has a completely different look to the other ranges on offer by the premium Swiss brand. The more organic and soft curves of the furniture mixed with the new light, trendy colours bring a relaxed feel to a bathroom. Looking at its elegant design it adds
walk in shower with built out half height wall and hinged shower screen
How to design an amazing bathroom? Everyone dreams of their perfect bathroom but most of us are restricted by the existing space. Here at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we will make your dream bathroom a reality!. By understanding your wants and needs using our design service. We take into account every aspect of your requirements. One
How to get a high-pressure shower? There are different ways to get a high-pressured showering experience. If you have low pressure in your property, the main reason will be due to having a gravity / vented hot water system installed. This is a very common system to have installed in the UK however slowly but
Brass in bathroom
Bathroom Trends 2020 Bathroom trends tend to change every year. Keeping up with these trends can become quite difficult and we're always trying to stay one step ahead. 2019 saw wood tiles and black taps making a strong appearance towards the back end we started to see the appearance of some trends that are our
Christmas Opening 2019

Christmas Opening – Bathrooms Leeds 2019 We understand the Christmas break may be the only time you have available and if you’re looking for a new bathroom in 2020 now would be the perfect time to get the ball rolling. Our showroom opening times are slightly different than usual over the Christmas period but don’t


Matki Showers in Leeds We’re proud to announce we have just started stocking Matki Showers at our Leeds showroom.  With our company ethos being to only sell the very best quality products. It is not surprising our designers wanted us to start displaying Matki Showers when we carried out our recent expansion of the showroom;

Geberit Aquaclean
Geberit Aquaclean Showroom Water is an essential part of our daily hygiene routine.  It leaves us feeling clean, refreshed and gives us an amazing sense of well being. When you feel fresh and clean it makes you feel confident, attractive and ready to take on anything. Increasingly, people who take pride in maintaining a well-groomed
Clever Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage Solutions One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is considering the storage requirements for your new bathroom. It’s important to think about where you’re going to hide away all those toiletries or any other items that or handy to have close in your bathroom. Vanity Units Many modern bathrooms feature modular

Wall Hung Bathrooms

How to Make an Easy to Clean Bathroom Everybody loves the satisfaction of having an easy to clean bathroom that looks the part! In the bathroom industry we are always looking for ways to make a bathroom more of an easy to clean area. When it comes to cleaning in the bathroom the main area

Bisque Archibald Radiator

What heat output is required? One of the main aspects of creating your new bathroom is ensuring that the heating works correctly. Everyone wants to be provided with comfort and warmth in their home, and this is especially true within the bathroom. The way to achieve this inside a bathroom is like any other room,

How does and electric shower work

How does an Electric shower work? Electric showers require an electrical connection and a cold-water supply. The cold water will pass through the shower unit and be heated by a heating element. The heating element will become warmer when powered by the electricity and when the cold water passes it will pick up the heat

Quality Shower Doors

When planning your dream bathroom keep these design tips in mind and you will be able to plan your perfect bathroom in no time at all. These tips will help you start the process of designing your new bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. These pointers give you a great starting point so

Coverlam Installation UK

Coverlam Large Format Tiles for your designer bathroom. Background Coverlam from Grespania is a large format thin tile that is the result of years of research. The introduction of laminating pressing technology has resulted in the ability to create large format tiles that can  be as large as 3.6 metres x 1.2 metres and as

Gold and Carrara Bathroom

Latest Bathroom Trends Bathroom design requires keeping up with the constant change in trends and incorporating it into projects not to mention leading the way in setting new trends in the bathroom world. The most popular bathroom trend through 2017 and 2018 was grey. However 2019 has seen a shift in the latest trend, while

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas from the Experts A key feature when planning for the perfect bathroom is to include storage. The great thing when designing most bathrooms is that storage can be created in many ways such as clever hidden storage, exposed or integrated. With modern houses being smaller clever storage is essential in the modern

How to install a leak free wet room from the experts   Wet rooms background We always recommend using Aqua4ma as it is the best wet room system on the market and is unique. Provided it is installed correctly comes with a lifetime guarantee. Installing a wet room always concerns people as they here horror

Geberit Bathroom Collection

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we sell. You won’t find us selling hundreds of different brands, claiming to be the biggest showroom in Yorkshire or that we’re the cheapest. What you will find us doing is having a great range of products from brands we have hand

Should the bidet make a comeback

Is it about time bidets make a comeback? If I told you I was going to wash my car with dry paper you’d think I’d gone crazy. So why is it that we use paper on one of the most delicate parts of our body?. The use of paper to clean ourselves dates back as

Dakota Delux Bathroom Leeds

Can you use dark tiles in a small bathroom? If you were a fly on the wall on a busy day in our showroom, you are guaranteed to hear couples having the long standing debate about which tiles would work best in their bathroom.  It wouldn’t be long before the comment is made that a

Gadgets for your perfect bathroom

Gadgets for your Perfect Bathroom From Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Utopia Lustre illuminated Mirror Cabinet The Lustre Mirror Cabinet is packed with features and is the perfect for any modern style bathroom. This cabinet comes with internal glass shelves and mirrors which is illuminated by an overhead LED light and an under cabinet mood light with

Bathrooms Leeds

Why we are the best place for new Bathrooms in Leeds. If you’re looking for bathrooms in Leeds and don’t know where to start then why not pay a visit to Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, Leeds Showroom. Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms started life as Doug Cleghorn Building Services in 1997. After spending 10 years specialising in bathrooms

Black shower enclosure

Black bathrooms the new luxury look in bathrooms. Black bathroom fixtures and fittings first starting making an appearance in New York in 2016 in the luxury multi-million dollar apartments. This trend has now made it’s way across the pond and bathroom brass-ware and shower enclosure manufacturers are scrambling to catch up. As always it tends

We’ve touched on this before previously but Wetherby is actually one of our most favourite places! Voted by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in 2018, the town is full to the brim with some of the most beautiful Georgian houses which in turn will also boast some amazing bathroom

Bathrooms in Wetherby – Convenient Installations At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we regularly carry out luxury installations for bathrooms in Wetherby. One of our favourite market towns within the City of Leeds metropolitan borough, Wetherby is home to Ribston Hall, Sandringham Park and the Georgian Bath House which dates back to 1824. Wetherby’s stylish and upmarket

If you’re looking to have a new bathroom fitted, you’re probably going to need a new shower too. Of course, not everyone is clued up when it comes to the different types of showers but at Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms we certainly have you covered. From a technical point of view and one easy way to

Soak in style with a luxury freestanding bath. What is a Freestanding Bath? A freestanding bath is an up-to-date version of the traditional bathtub. Rather than being nestled into a corner of the bathroom, a freestanding bath is finished on all sides and able to stand alone. An increasingly popular feature in modern bathroom renovations,

Walk into luxury with a Doug Cleghorn wet room A new way of showering, the wet room is one of the most sought after bathroom trends of modern interior design. An indulgent escape from the everyday pressures of life, wet rooms are also a novel take on the standard shower enclosure and add an element

If you haven’t done already, it’s time to get reacquainted with brass in luxury bathroom design. A metallic alloy made up of copper and zinc, brass has actually been about for around two thousand years or so but that doesn’t mean to say that this metal is old hat. One of the biggest material trends

At Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms, we’re avid believers that any size of bathroom can be made beautiful. Whether you’ve been blessed with a ton of extra space or your small bathroom is no bigger than fun size, our savvy design team will not only ensure your design looks sensational but that it maximises what space you

Bathroom tiles- 5 trends to look out for in 2018 When it comes to fabulous bathroom design, bathroom tiles certainly have a huge role to play. No longer seen as a necessity that serves a functional purpose, these days bathroom tiles additionally need to be gorgeous too. They are also able to make or break

A pile of towels here, an array of bottles there, there’s nothing worse than too much clutter that makes your head spin. According to beautiful home blog, The Spruce, clutter can have a massive impact on our health but getting organised will actually help to improve our daily routines and is guaranteed to make our