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Brass in bathroom
Bathroom Trends 2020 Bathroom trends tend to change every year. Keeping up with these trends can become quite difficult and we're always trying to stay one step ahead. 2019 saw wood tiles and black taps making a strong appearance towards the back end we started to see the appearance of some trends that are our
Clever Bathroom Storage

Bathroom Storage Solutions One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is considering the storage requirements for your new bathroom. It’s important to think about where you’re going to hide away all those toiletries or any other items that or handy to have close in your bathroom. Vanity Units Many modern bathrooms feature modular

Wall Hung Bathrooms

How to Make an Easy to Clean Bathroom Everybody loves the satisfaction of having an easy to clean bathroom that looks the part! In the bathroom industry we are always looking for ways to make a bathroom more of an easy to clean area. When it comes to cleaning in the bathroom the main area

Bisque Archibald Radiator

What heat output is required? One of the main aspects of creating your new bathroom is ensuring that the heating works correctly. Everyone wants to be provided with comfort and warmth in their home, and this is especially true within the bathroom. The way to achieve this inside a bathroom is like any other room,

Coverlam Installation UK

Coverlam Large Format Tiles for your designer bathroom. Background Coverlam from Grespania is a large format thin tile that is the result of years of research. The introduction of laminating pressing technology has resulted in the ability to create large format tiles that can  be as large as 3.6 metres x 1.2 metres and as

Gold and Carrara Bathroom

Latest Bathroom Trends Bathroom design requires keeping up with the constant change in trends and incorporating it into projects not to mention leading the way in setting new trends in the bathroom world. The most popular bathroom trend through 2017 and 2018 was grey. However 2019 has seen a shift in the latest trend, while

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom Storage Ideas from the Experts A key feature when planning for the perfect bathroom is to include storage. The great thing when designing most bathrooms is that storage can be created in many ways such as clever hidden storage, exposed or integrated. With modern houses being smaller clever storage is essential in the modern

Gadgets for your perfect bathroom

Gadgets for your Perfect Bathroom From Doug Cleghorn Bathrooms Utopia Lustre illuminated Mirror Cabinet The Lustre Mirror Cabinet is packed with features and is the perfect for any modern style bathroom. This cabinet comes with internal glass shelves and mirrors which is illuminated by an overhead LED light and an under cabinet mood light with